Here's Why Your Skincare Routine May Have Suddenly Stopped Working

Imagine you've done your research, your skincare routine is consistent and covers everything, and then, suddenly, it stops working. Instead of giving you the clear and smooth skin it once did, it turns on you. What was once your go-to is now causing you more skin issues.

Although dermatologist Dr. Melanie Palm mentions that a good skincare routine may not show results for three or four months, there are ways to see if your skincare routine is working (via Insider). Even though a functioning skincare routine may also show external triggers as your skin becomes used to the products, there are other ways you can tell if your skincare has stopped working.

Figuring out why your skincare routine has stopped working depends on what types of triggers your skin is showing. In the end, finding out why your skin routine isn't working will help you establish a routine and product cycle that will benefit you. It will ultimately save you time and money on products that may no longer be beneficial for you. After all, skincare is a personal journey.

Why isn't your skincare routine working anymore?

One of the reasons why your skincare routine could be losing its power is because it's expired. One of the most overlooked parts of skincare ingredients is how long your product lasts — or is intended to last. As dermatologist Blair Murphy-Rose mentions to HuffPost, the average shelf life of products like retinoids is typically around four months. Once you open the product, that life span becomes fleeting. Rose also mentions that skincare products can be damaged due to improper storage. Be certain you are reading your product labels thoroughly as some skincare ingredients require being stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

The good news is that one of the reasons why your skincare routine isn't working anymore is because it worked very well in the beginning. Once your skin has been cleared from your initial skin issues, you won't see more dramatic changes. It could be possible that your product is still working; it's just not changing anything since your skin has gotten used to its effects already (via Huda Beauty).

What you can do to reboot your skincare routine

If you're starting to get frustrated with a skincare routine that isn't functioning anymore, there are a few steps you can take to reboot it. According to facialist Joanna Vargas, you want to begin by examining the face (via Marie Claire). The skin can ultimately change over the course of time and depending on the seasons. Perhaps your skincare has become balanced, meaning you need a different set of products. Or, on the other hand, the season has made your skin extra dry or extra oily.

According to Woman & Home, one way you can reboot your skincare routine is by taking it back to the bare minimum. Getting rid of most products except for the essentials gets your skin ready for another retargeting. Once your skin is without your routine for a while, it will be more efficient when you reintroduce them after a while. Be sure to give your skin some time before seeing results and introducing your products again.