Stylish Flip-Flops You'll Want To Wear All Summer Long

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As fun as it can be to explore all the new shoe trends to elevate your outfits — like the chic metallic shoe trend, for instance — some footwear products aren't just trendy but are also seasonal wardrobe staples. One crucial form of footwear for a specific season is a pair of flip-flops. Think of it this way: it's a hot, sunny summer day, and you're walking by the pool or beach. You'll have to let your feet breathe, so what other types of shoes would you wear on a day like that? Boots? Pumps? Sneakers? We think not. Thus, everyone should have some reliable flip-flops in their closet.

But don't assume that flip-flops are boring or limited because they're practical and a seasonal footwear staple. Nowadays, there are countless options of flip-flops to choose from, as they come in an impressive variety of colors, patterns, designs, and materials. Therefore, flip-flops can be super fashionable and comfortable for any hot-weather activity on your summery agenda.

How we selected the flip-flops

We want our readers to have the best of the best. That's why we spend as much time as we need to thoroughly research and compare all the products we consider for our roundups here at Gliz, whether we're recommending high-waisted jeans that will flatter any body type or stylish flip-flops. Plus, we don't keep our research broad. Instead, we conduct our search based on specific categories we think our readers will care about, such as patterns or price points. Then, we dive into these categories to find the best items possible. In this case, we focused on finding the best flip-flops for certain price points, style trends, and more.

You'll never get an ambiguous, quickly thrown-together list when you read our roundups because we know you deserve much better than that. Hence, when we read countless product descriptions and customer reviews, we ask ourselves if we would be willing to purchase the products we show you. If the answer is no, we don't add those items to the roundup and keep looking for something better. So, we're very excited about all the flip-flops we included in this article!

Best overall flip-flops

This pair of flip-flops is labeled as a #1 best seller on Amazon, making it a very beloved product. The lightweight flip-flops come in many different hues to choose from, so there's a style option for everyone. Plus, they have a remarkable rating of 4.7 out of five stars with more than 65,000 reviews, so it seems that you can't go wrong with them. One happy reviewer even wrote, "Most comfy sandals I've ever worn!"

The Clarks Women's Breeze Sea flip-flops are available on Amazon with prices starting at $25.34.

Best low-price flip-flops

These partially plant-based flip-flops are as affordable as they are practical. They come in a simple, minimalistic style, and you can choose between a few colors. Furthermore, they have a near-perfect review with over 2,900 reviews on Old Navy's website. Over 2,400 customers gave these flip-flops five out of five stars, and one pleased shopper wrote, "Best price I could find. Very happy with purchase," so these flip-flops are a steal!

The Flip-Flop Sandals for Women (Partially Plant-Based) are available at Old Navy for $4.99.

Best splurge flip-flops

Everyone deserves a splurge now and then, and it's best to splurge on something you'll wear often. So, if you're an avid beach-goer or spend a lot of time outside in the warm weather, you should consider treating yourself to a pair of designer flip-flops. These beautiful rubber flip-flops were created in Italy and flaunt the Versace name and a unique Greca design (via Versace).

The Greca Sandals are available at Versace for $375.

Best platform flip-flops

Anyone who's been enjoying the platform shoe trend is lucky in the summer of 2022, because, believe it or not, even platform flip-flops exist now. This pair of flip-flops feature a thick strap design and has an over two-inch front platform and a three-inch heel, per H&M. One reviewer wrote, "So in love with this purchase," and another wrote, "Perfect summer flip flop," so they seem like an excellent option for people who enjoy the platform look.

The Platform Flip-Flops are available at H&M for $24.99.

Best foam flip-flops

If you're searching for an ultra-comfortable flip-flop, this is the item for you. According to Under Armour, these flip-flops feature cozy 4D Foam, so you'll feel good when you wear them. Plus, they come in a sleek black design with an athletic vibe. They also have 4.3 out of five stars with over 290 ratings, making them a very well-liked choice.

The Women's UA Marbella VII Sandals are available at Under Armour for $32.

Best floral flip-flops

Floral patterns are perfect for spring and summer weather, so we knew we had to include a floral flip-flop in our list. These adorable Vera Bradley flip-flops feature a playful, summery sunflower print over a light blue hue, making them perfect for warm summer days. They have 4.5 out of five stars, and one customer shared their love for them, writing, "Love these flip flops! They are comfortable and stylish!" (via Vera Bradley).

The Flip Flops in Sunflower Sky are available at Vera Bradley for $28.

Best waterproof flip-flops

Let's face the facts: accidents happen at beaches and pools. Whether your little cousin accidentally knocks your flip-flops into the pool or a larger-than-expected wave washes over your feet while you still have your flip-flops on, you can prevent them from getting ruined by investing in a waterproof pair.

These waterproof flip-flops are suitable for all genders and feature a comfortable footbed (via Nordstrom). They have four stars, and a reviewer noted how comfortable the flip-flops are, writing, "Super lightweight & they have great support."

The Birkenstock Honolulu Flip Flop is available at Nordstrom for $39.95.

Best sparkly flip-flops

A little summer sparkle never hurts, so why not rock a pair of flip-flops that feature sparkly details? This pair of flip-flops gives all the glizour with its dazzling sparkly bow detail. You can use these gorgeous flip-flops to dress up any casual summer outfit in your closet, and they have an impressive rating of 4.5 stars, per Macy's. One customer even described these flip-flops as the "Best sandals EVER!"

The INC International Concepts Women's Mabae Bow Flat Sandals, Created for Macy's are available at Macy's for $34.65.

Best animal print flip-flops

Nothing exudes bold, sophisticated glizour quite like animal print. Not only do these flip-flops feature a lively animal print detail, but they're even labeled as Amazon's Choice for women's leopard print sandals. Completely made of polyurethane, these stylish flip-flops have 4.3 out of five stars with more than 13,000 ratings on Amazon. They're also notably comfortable, as one satisfied reviewer wrote, "Comfy as heck! I barely even noticed I'm wearing them," so they're fashionable and comfortable.

The Amazon Essentials Women's Thong Sandal is available on Amazon for $15.20.

Best tie-dye flip-flops

If you enjoy the carefree vibe of the late 1960s and early 1970s, and you're searching for an affordable pair of flip-flops, this is the perfect product for you. These flip-flops have a pink, orange, yellow, and blue design and a near-perfect rating of 4.89 out of five stars at Shein, and customers praise them with comments such as "beautiful" and "love it."

The Tie Dye Print Flip-Flops are available at Shein for $7.

Best unique flip-flops

We just had to save the boldest, most daring pair of flip-flops for last. While the sole is solid black, the straps on these flip-flips feature a large, colorful yo-yo quilt-inspired design (via Tory Burch), and we've honestly never seen anything like it before. In addition to their one-of-a-kind style, a customer praised them for their comfort writing, "I rarely write reviews however these shoes are extremely comfortable."

The Yoyo Flip-Flop is available at Tory Burch for $228.