July's Jupiter Retrograde Is Asking You To Make A Big Change

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In a year that's been marked by several life-changing astrological events, this month's Jupiter retrograde is here to give you a final push toward making a big change. In astrology, Jupiter is known for its ability to expand our minds, hearts, and world view. And according to husband and wife astrology duo Julia and Derek Parker, the position of Jupiter in your birth chart is directly connected to your intellectual expansion, acquisition of knowledge, and philosophical outlook on life (via "Parkers' Astrology"). Jupiter is the planet typically associated with growth and one that bestows luck, prosperity, and opportunity to the collective when it forms major annual transits.

Typically, the thought of such a benefic planet going retrograde causes many to worry that their plans and dreams are going to be derailed; however, thanks to the energetic signature of this retrograde, you may actually find this the ideal time to bring big plans to life. Jupiter goes retrograde for four months each year, and with it comes the time to focus on your spiritual growth to your fullest potential. It's an important time to work out your own values and accept that not everyone shares them. Instead, it's about learning to embrace our own point of view and stand strong in our beliefs.

Since retrogrades are all about refreshing and revisiting old plans, why not embrace the chaos instead of fighting it? Here's everything you need to know about Jupiter retrograde.

When is Jupiter retrograde?

Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, will station retrograde from July 28 to November 23. This shift means that the energy of the planet that is retrograde experiences significant delays or unexpected experiences related to the energy of this planet. When Jupiter goes retrograde, it heralds a time for deep, introspective spiritual and philosophical growth. "Jupiter retrograde in Pisces means that we're going to be looking back at missed opportunities because Pisces doesn't give us clarity of vision," astrologer Laurie Rivers shares in a TikTok video. "We're getting to take a look at all the opportunities we missed out on during the last few months."

While the retrograde begins in Aries, Jupiter will eventually move back into its traditional home sign of Pisces, bringing back another few months of the Jupiter in Pisces magic we experienced earlier this year. This means that you can prepare for this cosmic shake-up by finding where Jupiter sits in your birth chart to discover the areas of life where you'll be given a second chance to achieve your dreams. 

"There is unfinished business that Jupiter retrograde has to take care of in Pisces which can provide context for why Jupiter is going retrograde and will stop expanding and removing limitations," astrologer Blaze Maximus shared in a tweet. "This Jupiter retrograde gives us an opportunity to slow down and deepen our understanding about what purposeful and meaningful action is about."

What does Jupiter retrograde mean in astrology?

While Jupiter retrogrades through Pisces, we have a greater chance to connect with our spiritual side and tap into our inner healers. Not only can we heal others during this time, but we can also find it easier to heal ourselves. By nature, a retrograde planet is at peak brightness in the sky. Therefore, these transits can uncover a lot about the topics of personal healing, avoidance, and growth. "The karma in retrograde Jupiter always deals with introspection through the higher mind. The individual must be able to justify themselves (to themselves) in order to feel they are truly worthy of the respect and honor that Jupiter promises," writes Martin Schulman in "Karmic Astrology: Retrogrades and Reincarnation."

This year, Jupiter retrograde occurs alongside another important retrograde in Chiron. On July 19, Chiron was stationed retrograde in Aries and will stay there until December 23. Normally, Chiron shines a lot on your deepest wounds and the shadow side of your healing journey. However, when Chiron is retrograde, it pushes these hidden wounds to the surface in different ways and in turn allows us to heal in new ways. "Chiron is calling us to embark on a journey of conscious awareness of the insecurities that are holding us back from completely embracing who we are," astrologer Alexandria Lettman tells Well + Good. "Rather than feel doomed or overwhelmed by these struggles, though, we can expect to feel motivated and empowered to help ourselves."

How Jupiter retrograde will affect each zodiac sign

Jupiter is the planet of growth, faith, and abundance, and when it stations retrograde, we tend to see some delays around expanding things, and it's a time when obstacles may present themselves. Astrologer and author of "The Love Deck," Lisa Stardust recently shared with Astrology.com that this retrograde will be most beneficial for cardinal signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — as the energy will make them feel as though their world and careers are growing and evolving. It'll also be a beneficial time for mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces — because their personal lives will become emotionally richer and abundant. Fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — are going to feel this transit the least, though it will have minor effects on their daily routine and overall habits.

As for what to embrace and avoid during Jupiter retrograde: spend time learning, meditating, and connecting with your spiritual side. Try journaling about your ideas and goals and creating vision boards around your desired opportunities. If you're looking to make major plans, go for it, but don't take action until after the retrograde period ends. You'll want to avoid moving to a faraway place or country during this time. If you must travel, it's important that everything is meticulously planned and you should be prepared for delays.