The Negative Ways Stress Can Show On Your Skin

We all feel the stress of everyday life. The bills seem to be piling up; the to-do list keeps getting longer; and the negative world news can overwhelm. These are only a few of the issues that weigh on us daily. Most of us are aware of the negative impact stress has on our overall health, but you may not know that it might be giving you troubles with your skin.

Our skin is a unique organ because it's the one that we can see on the outside of our body. If stress is wreaking havoc on us inside our bodies, it should be no surprise that its effects would show up on our skin (via WebMD). When skin irregularities occur, many of us head for expensive beauty products to try to rectify the acne or dryness. Experts now say that getting clearer, healthier skin make just takes some breathing in a quiet space.

How stress impacts our skin

You may be wondering how stress affects our skin. Chronic stress can either make us break out or make our faces completely dry. If you are prone to breakouts during stressful times, it's because your body is responding to the hormone, cortisol, which tells your glands to make more oil (via WebMD). If you're prone to acne when you're stressed, cortisol is the culprit. In terms of facial dryness, Healthline explains that stress can actually affect the "barrier function of your stratum corneum," leading to your skin holding less water. The stratum corneum is the outer layer of your skin that acts like a protective layer. When it isn't working properly, your skin can become dry and irritated.

Acne and dryness may seem like minor side effects of a stressful life, but stress's impact on our bodies can cause or worsen more aggressive skin issues as well. Stress has been known to aggravate eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. It can also cause skin rashes like hives. If stress is allowed to fester for long periods of time, scarring can occur. In addition to these skin issues, being over-stressed can cause bags under the eyes, new wrinkles on the face, and spots of facial flushing (via Healthline). These stress-created issues on the skin should give us even more inspiration to seek out ways to find peace in our lives. The good news is that there are plenty of inexpensive ways to give our bodies a little more love and a little less stress.

Actions you can take at home

It may seem impossible to jump out of the cycle of tension, but it's the only way to combat the issues that accompany too much stress. While many people go straight to expensive serums and creams to rectify their irritated skin, the solution to our skin woes could be embedded in how we deal with the strain. Experts believe that something as simple as meditation can help our skin build back the outer layer of protection and lessen the production of oil-producing cortisol (via The New York Times). Finding a quiet space to breathe deeply and clear your mind can work wonders on your nervous system (via Harvard Health Publishing). Giving yourself space to breathe, getting exercise, implementing good sleeping habits, and eating whole foods is a powerful combination to lessen stress and its effects on the skin (via WebMD).

Stress is a guaranteed part of life, but being gentle with ourselves could be the exact solution to what's irritating us. If you find that your skin is suffering from your day-to-day concerns, consider talking with someone, giving yourself enough rest, feeding yourself good food, and breathing deeply. Your skin will thank you.