What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice?

We all know plants are beneficial to our health. They refresh our homes, provide oxygen for us to breathe, and can even heal our ailments. This is especially true for aloe vera plants. When most people think of aloe vera uses, they usually think of a cool balm to heal sunburns or a lotion to calm skin irritation. However, studies have shown recently that aloe vera is beneficial for our bodies in even more ways.

Aloe vera plants are inexpensive succulents that can be grown outside in warmer areas or in nice pots indoors close to sunlight (via RePotMe). When gathering aloe from the plant, you simply find a plump leave and squeeze out the gel-like substance. Whether you use the gel as a balm, or you extract it to mix in juice form, you could be helping yourself heal from the inside out. In addition to growing your own, there are many juices at your grocery store that contain aloe vera.

The advantages of consuming this versatile succulent are many. Aloe vera juice is credited with improving digestion, clearing up skin, and even assisting in pre-diabetic care (via Healthline).

The external benefits of aloe vera

Many of us have used aloe vera to soothe a sunburn, so we know that it can be very healing to our skin. Moreover, aloe vera juice has also been known to clear up acne. Because acne can flare up if a person is dehydrated, the hydrating effects of aloe vera create silky, clean complexions (via the Cleveland Clinic). Aloe vera juice also provides the body with vitamin C. While Vitamin C has been linked with reducing the risk for heart disease, it also improves wrinkles, speeds up wound healing, and keeps skin feeling soft. 

Along with hydrating your skin, adding aloe vera supplements has also been proven to improve skin elasticity and collagen production (via Healthline). We are always looking at cost-effective ways to slow down the effects of aging on our bodies, and consuming aloe vera may just be a natural way to do this.

The internal benefits of aloe vera juice

While it's true that aloe vera juice assists our health externally, by adding this juice into our diet, we may reap even more important rewards internally. It is important to remember that aloe vera juice should never be considered a treatment for diabetes, but research shows that it actually improves blood sugar fasting levels for those who are pre-diabetic (via Healthline). The juice from this succulent has also been linked with aiding in mouth and gum health, easing irritable bowel syndrome, and improving vision (via the Cleveland Clinic). Furthermore, according to Healthline, aloe vera plants contain plant compounds called polyphenols, which produce anti-inflammatory properties promoting gut health.

As with anything new you add to your diet, consult your physician to see if aloe vera juice is right for you. Most people involved with the research enjoyed the rewards of drinking aloe vera juice, but some participants' bodies didn't tolerate the juice well (via Medical News Today). Ultimately, research shows that, overall, aloe vera juice in moderation can help our bodies feel better and our skin look healthier.