How To Make A Dirty Shirley, The Ultimate Summer 2022 Cocktail

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Summer is finally here, and with heat waves raging across the world, it's time to mix up an ice-cold cocktail. With its fiery color and sweet pop, the Dirty Shirley has us reminiscing on childhood cherry-flavored days. Essentially a spiked Shirley Temple, this nostalgic mixer is quickly becoming the cocktail of the summer.

Millions are taking to Tik Tok to give their take on the timeless classic, and even Alexa is declaring it the drink of the season (via Tik Tok). Ryan Seacrest also reported it as "the drink of the summer" on his show "On Air with Ryan." Who isn't loving this upgraded cocktail? Move over Aperol Spritz and vodka sodas. The Dirty Shirley is the new summer favorite and super easy to make at home. All you need is a base soda, grenadine syrup, and, of course, a cherry for a classic mocktail version, per a Mashed original recipe. Careful, though: with its unapologetic sweetness, the alcohol can go undetected, making it dangerously potent. Nevertheless, here's how to make it.

Choose your white spirit and lemon-lime bubbles

First, start by choosing a soda that'll act as a base for the drink. The classic recipe calls for a lemon-lime soda or ginger ale, but if you're looking to cut the calories or sweetness, you can always opt for a seltzer. Next, you'll want to choose your alcohol. A Dirty Shirley is usually made with vodka, but you can switch it up with your favorite tequila, rum, or gin.

A good bartender will start by grabbing a highball or tall glass for this cocktail, but you can use any glass you have at home. Fill it to the top with ice, then give it a good 2-ounce pour of vodka (or the alcohol of your choice). A secret to accurate pouring is the one-second rule. Every "one Mississippi" count is about 1 ounce. So, you'll count two Mississippis for a classic 2-ounce pour. Now you can add your soda, and you'll want at least 4 ounces to balance out the liquor, according to our sister site Mashed's original recipe.

Drizzle in your grenadine and top with a cherry

Now comes the fun part that will make your inner child squeal. Grab your grenadine syrup and give it a generous 1-ounce pour (via Mashed). If you're unsure which syrup to shoot for, Amazon has several options that will ship overnight. The cocktail has almost entirely come to life now with its bright red hue swirling about. It just needs its finisher: the maraschino cherry.

The cherry on top should be swiveled to the bottom, waiting as a surprise final gulp. It'll also release more cherry juices into the drink, increasing the sweet slurps as you go. But you can, of course, place the garnish on top as a classic finisher. Don't be surprised if you see this summer cocktail cutie on every menu this season since its simplicity and deliciousness go hand in hand. Now that you know how to make it, order it with confidence and give the bartender a few tips if need be.