What Is A Twin Flame, And How Do You Know When You've Met Them?

Everyone tuned into popular music has probably come across Machine Gun Kelly's fan-favorite song "Twin Flame" at some point. This song consists of intense, romantic lyrics, including "on the first date, you told me I was your twin flame from a past life" and "I didn't understand déjá vu 'til I met you." Not only did this song begin to spark a lot of attention for its beautiful sound and sweet message, but the lyrics had people curious about the topic of twin flames.

Believe it or not, finding your twin flame isn't the same as having found your soulmate, as these are two different types of connections. So, what exactly is a twin flame? "You meet them and your life completely changes," love coach Lisa Vallejo explained to Allure, and while often a significant other, your twin flame can also be your best friend or another prominent person in your life. Furthermore, the concept of a twin flame revolves around the premise of two people who are actually two halves of the same soul, per MindBodyGreen.

Signs you've met your twin flame

There are specific details and feelings to look out for when determining whether someone is your twin flame. To start, you may feel like you already know this person when you first meet them in your current lifetime, and you might have abnormally similar past experiences and traumas (via Allure). Having these similar memories can build a sense of understanding and make your relationship move quicker than most.

Furthermore, this connection will feel more intense than others. "You might find yourself chasing each other," Barbara Spinelli, a therapist and relationship expert, told Healthline. When pondering whether someone's your twin flame, you should ask yourself if you would chase after them if you felt like they were being taken away and if they would also chase after you if the situation were reversed. Thus, if your gut tells you that you feel closer to someone than you've ever felt with anyone else before, you should listen to your instincts and trust that you've probably found your twin flame.

Moreover, it's important to note that we don't all have twin flames, as these types of bonds are typically very unusual, per Brides. Try not to stress out over it, though. Time and fate will tell if you have a twin flame and when you will find them if you do have one.

These zodiac signs are often twin flames

Astrology isn't one of the most significant components of a twin flame connection, but some signs are more likely to be twin flames than others. For instance, a Virgo will be likely to have a Capricorn twin flame, as these are two pragmatic, down-to-earth signs with similar characteristics (via Stylecraze). Furthermore, a realistic twin flame for a Libra is a Cancer because these signs' feelings will mesh naturally. A Pisces can also find a twin flame in a Caner because both of these signs are very empathetic, and Cancers might accept Pisces' ultra-emotional attitudes more than the other zodiacs would.

Moreover, Aries can likely have either a Leo or a Sagittarius as a twin flame because all three of these signs crave space in a relationship, so clinginess won't be an obstacle in your relationship, per YourTango. Regarding the Aquarius sign, Libras and Gemini are probable twin flames because they share that philosophical and inquisitive outlook on life — thus, there will always be something to discuss.