How To Properly Dry Brush Your Body

After brushing your hair, have you ever considered brushing your body? This newly popular technique of dry brushing is the hottest new skin exfoliating treatment to hit the market. According to Self, dry brushing has origins in ancient healing techniques, called Ayurvedic medicine, and promises to help exfoliate your body, among other benefits. Lately, this technique has gained popularity and is now a staple in spas and homes for that smooth and glowing skin. Dry brushes can now be found almost anywhere in any sort of budget, too.

Although dry brushing promises to help with circulation, flaky skin, digestion, and even cellulite, it's still a technique that needs further research to prove its claims. Besides, dry brushing has proven benefits that make it appealing. However, just like any skin technique, it should be done with caution and properly. Only dry brushing correctly can you get all of its benefits and prevent any bruising it may cause.

How to dry brush

According to Goop, the best way to dry brush is to start at your feet and work your way up. You will want to use firm circular motions but not too harshly so you don't damage your skin. Before you begin, you want to make sure you're using a dry brush that's not too stiff as this will feel uncomfortable and do more harm than good.

Before dry brushing, you also want to be sure that you're completely dry. This way you will get all of the dead skin off completely. The best time to do your dry brushing would be before showering. After your shower, you want to make sure you use moisturizer to rehydrate your skin. Like any exfoliator, you can do it according to your needs. However, you should not go over one to two times a week to not irritate or over-exfoliate the skin. Be sure to constantly clean your brush with a gentle soap to remove any build of dead skin cells. Anyone with more sensitive skin should limit even less to around once every couple of weeks to prevent irritation (via Byrdie).

Why you should be dry brushing

Although it seems unnecessary and a luxury, dry brushing does have benefits to the skin and more. According to Healthline, dry brushing has been proven to help accelerate the lymphatic system. Through dry brushing, the pores on the body open up, making it easier to sweat. Through sweat, toxins are released, and less then go through the lymphatic system, which helps fight off infections. Besides this, dry brushing helps remove dead skin cells and is considered a great way to relax through soothing circular motions.

Dry brushing before showering is also better for your skin than any exfoliating in the shower. Exfoliating in a hot shower is worse for your skin as it strips you of your natural body oils. This process can inflame and irritate the skin. Dry brushing allows the skin to exfoliate and circulate the blood without stripping your body of natural oils and moisture (via the Cleveland Clinic).