What Exactly Is A Lip Flip?

Pouty, fuller lips are just a syringe away with a lip flip. Thanks to A-list stars like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, lip-enhancing procedures have become more common and accessible. These procedures attempt to perfect lips by plumping, shaping, and/or volumizing, though your lips are already perfect. Thankfully, procedures such as lip filler and lip flips are non-surgical procedures that require no anesthesia, take less than an hour, and show quick results. These factors make aesthetic procedures much more sought-after.

Lip filler is often the most talked-about lip-enhancing procedure, but it's not the only option, according to Coveteur. If you're thinking about a new pout, you may not realize that lip flips are just as common. Now is the time to get the pout of your dreams with a lip flip. Why might someone choose a lip flip over lip filler? Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their lips. Some prefer puffier, poutier lips, while others prefer a shapely and full pout. Whatever the case may be, you can achieve those results with either a lip flip or filler.

Lip flip vs. lip filler

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a lip flip essentially makes the top lip the same size or larger than the bottom lip using botox. It does this by relaxing your top lip and causing it to "flip" outwards, leaving the appearance of a larger top lip. Often, Capizzi Med Spa says a patient may choose a lip flip rather than filler if they want something short-lasting, less expensive, to hide large gums, or to leave a natural-looking top lip. Patients looking for something more drastic are often those who turn to lip filler.

Many patients that choose lip filler rather than a lip flip do so because it has faster, longer-lasting results and often leaves patients with a much-plumper look than a lip flip. However, according to The American Board of Facial and Cosmetic Surgery, some filler patients also get a lip flip, as it can accentuate the results of lip filler. Therefore, we can see that some cosmetic procedures work together to bring you to your dream aesthetic.

Why get a lip flip?

Patients are flocking into med spas to get lip flips (and not just because of Kylie Jenner). Lip flips are leaving patients with self-esteem and confidence they never had before. If you are looking for a new way to enhance your natural features, a lip flip is the way to go. Moreover, Byrdie emphasizes that a lip flip won't cause a drastic change and instead give you a fuller, natural-looking top lip.

Lip flips are becoming more accessible than ever, as hundreds of med spas pop up in cities across the world. A lip flip can be the key to overcoming a gummy smile, a non-existent top lip, or simply becoming more confident. All are valid reasons for wanting a fuller upper lip. If you want a lip flip, though, just know that the average price tag ranges between $80 and $500, per Healthline, so it can come with a cost.

If you aren't sure a cosmetic procedure for enhanced lips is ideal for you, there are always makeup tips for great-looking lips, too. Whether you choose to change your makeup routine, get lip filler, or get a lip flip, it's always most important that you feel confident in your own skin.