This Is The Most Important Place To Use Foundation And You're Probably Missing It

If only we could maintain the flawless skin we were born with into adulthood. Unfortunately, that's not the case. We can blame our age, environments, hormones, stress, and diet for fine lines, dark spots, acne, and sagging skin contributing to the not-too-perfect skin of adulthood. While it's impossible to look like we have a filter on in real life, positive life changes like wearing sunscreen, quitting smoking, and being active can help. And, we can play with makeup to hide certain imperfections and play up our features. Though tinted moisturizers are great for an effortless glow, foundation is one of the first makeup products that comes to mind when you think of airbrushed skin. 

"For different skin types, it's more about the 'finish' of the foundation than the 'type' of foundation — I prefer using liquid foundations on all skin types because it can look most like real skin," celebrity makeup artist Melissa Murdick told Byrdie. But you can always pick powder, stick, or cream foundation based on your liking. It does more than just give you even-looking skin; it also "boosts your confidence, which makes you feel good," per Thread Curve. It also helps to choose a foundation based on your skin type. For example, if you have combination skin, select an "oil-free, matte" one that lasts all day, per The Cut. Most people are diligent about using foundation on their face and neck but tend to forget this part of their face — and really shouldn't.

Don't forget foundation on your eyelids

If you're struggling with dark circles or puffiness, concealer is your go-to to hide them and "brighten the area underneath your eyes," per Self. You're on autopilot when it comes to using concealer under your eyes, so your entire face looks more even and flawless, but often we skip the eyelids. While they're called dark circles, most people only use color-correcting products under the eyes and not above. According to Yahoo, dark circles include "your entire eye"; therefore, it's also essential to wear foundation on your lids to "even out any discoloration there and brighten up your entire face," and it also helps your eye makeup last longer. Focusing on just your under-eyes is only doing half the job because you want to make your entire eye area pop.

Before applying foundation on your eyelids, ensure the area is "clean and moisturized" because the skin around the eyes is very thin, so you want to be careful applying any makeup product there (via Step by Step). Since the area around your eyes is delicate and sensitive, you want to be mindful about the type of foundation you're using in the area to prevent more irritation. Cover FX global ambassador Derek Selby told Byrdie to choose one that won't "clog pores and cause unnecessary redness." While some recommend skipping foundation on your eyelids as it might cause your eye makeup to crease and run and prefer you choose a primer instead, per PopSugar.