How To Style Boyfriend Jeans For Any Occasion

Whether your style is casual, edgy, boho-chic, or anything else, you can never go wrong with a pair of denim jeans. After all, jeans are universally flattering and can match any top in our closets. There's even a smart DIY way to lighten your jeans if you want to get creative! While skinny jeans and straight-leg styles are traditionally known for being flattering, boyfriend jeans are lots of fun to wear, and we recommend giving them a chance.

Boyfriend jeans have a baggy appearance and often have a lower waistline than other styles (via MasterClass). Their loose fit makes them a more comfortable option than slimmer-fitting jeans, too. This style of jeans has become quite popular, and you'll see over a million posts when you search #boyfriendjeans on Instagram. If you're new to wearing boyfriend jeans, don't let their baggy look intimidate you — they're much easier to style than you'd assume at first sight.

There are many ways to rock boyfriend jeans

Believe it or not, there are myriad ways to flaunt your boyfriend jeans. Although you might not think they're sexy when you first see them, you can make them appear more provocative by pairing them with a seductive corset-style piece, per StyleCaster. Furthermore, if you aspire to dress up your boyfriend jeans, you can upgrade your outfit with statement accessories. On the other hand, you can always wear boyfriend jeans with a classic white T-shirt to create a more minimalistic look. Then, during the chillier months, feel free to add an oversized jacket to your outfit to match the carefree vibe of the jeans.

To try something different while you flaunt your shoes, try cuffing your boyfriend jeans (via MasterClass). Plus, you should always pay attention to your footwear when styling your look, especially if you decide to rock a cuffed style. For example, heels or ankle boots can dress up your outfit and even make you seem taller. Meanwhile, crocs are blowing up in fashion right now, so why not wear them with your boyfriend jeans for a casual yet trendy look?

We can't wait to experiment with boyfriend jeans to create some stylish looks!

Make them sexy with crop tops

If you're going for a sexy look, you shouldn't write off boyfriend jeans immediately because of their baggy silhouettes. Pairing boyfriend jeans with a playful crop top will contrast the jeans' loose fit while showing some skin for a seductive look. Whether you rock your boyfriend jeans with a white short sleeve crop top, a neon skin-tight crop top, or a crop top with a bold halter look, you can never go wrong with the boyfriend jeans and crop top combination for a night out, a warm summer day, or a hot date.

Are you hunting for a new crop top to wear with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans? If so, there are a plethora of options for you to explore, as Forever 21 sells countless short tops in many designs and colors for affordable prices. For instance, the Seamless Ribbed Knit Halter Top is perfect for anyone who likes the halter look and will match any pair of boyfriend jeans in your closet. This crop top is available for around $10 and has four out of five stars. Or, if you prefer a retro look, you should look into the Checkered Hello Kitty Tee, an adorable crop top selling for around $25 with over four out of five stars. And anyone who wants to make their boyfriend jeans more feminine with a pink crop top should check out the Ribbed Knit Baby Tee in Pink Icing/White, available for only $10.

Opt for an edgy pair for a grunge or punk look

Boyfriend jeans are excellent for edgy looks. After all, ripped boyfriend jeans are effortlessly cool, making them perfect for grunge looks, while dark boyfriend jeans with an acid wash effect exude a punk vibe. Meanwhile, you can always add some edge to your boyfriend jeans by pairing them with an intense graphic top and an edgy belt.

If you want to invest in a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, the AE Ripped Highest Waist '90s Boyfriend Jean features large rips and a flattering high-waist and is available at American Eagle for around $30; these jeans even have between four and five stars with over 50 reviews. On the other hand, the BDG High-Waisted Baggy Jean — Printed Acid Wash is available at Urban Outfitters for around $30 and is an exciting option for anyone who likes the punk look. And, of course, a bold belt is the perfect touch to add some intensity to your edgy boyfriend jeans. The My Accessories London Exclusive Waist and Hip Jeans Belt in Black with Silver Eyelets is available at Asos for less than $20 and has an impressive rating of 4.7 out of five stars.

Dress them up with stylish jackets

Whoever says boyfriend jeans are only suitable for casual looks is wrong! Wearing a fashionable jacket with your boyfriend jeans is a creative way to dress up your look for any occasion or event while helping you keep warm. Long, black jackets are classically chic, and you can never go wrong with using them to dress up your look. Rocking a sophisticated blazer is another way to elevate your look and add some more class to your boyfriend jeans.

Nordstrom sells many long, black jackets and coats that can help you dress up not only your boyfriend jeans but any outfit in your wardrobe. One of those lovely long, black coats is the Avec Les Filles Tailored Double Breasted Coat in Black, available at Nordstrom for around $300, with four out of five stars. Or, if you want to dress up your boyfriend jeans for a professional look with a blazer, Abercrombie has plenty of options. If you're looking for a traditional black blazer, you can't go wrong with the Single Breasted Blazer, available for $90, and if you're searching for something a bit more unique, you should look into the Cropped Blazer, which sells for around $60 and features a plaid design.

Make a statement with colorful boyfriend jeans

Why not turn heads with a pair of colorful boyfriend jeans for something different? You can always opt for colorful boyfriend jeans with a neutral top if you don't want to look ultra-bold or pair them with a bright top for a daring color-blocking effect.

Anyone who wants to buy a pair of colorful boyfriend jeans should check out the Baggy Boyfriend Fit Denim Jeans, available at Nasty Gal for around $40. They come in green for anyone who enjoys that rich, earthy hue, and they also come in pink, perfect for anyone participating in the Barbiecore fashion trend. Or, if you don't want to look quite so bold but still want to flaunt a fun pop of color, you should explore the Mid Rise Mint Green Tinted Boyfriend Jeans, available at Express for around $60. This minty tint isn't overly bright or bold but still offers more of a unique hue than you'll find in most traditional denim boyfriend jeans.

So, are you ready to start styling your boyfriend jeans?