What You Need To Know About The Permanent Concealer Trend

Everyone has their own entirely unique makeup routine. Some wake up and choose to take the time to go for a full face of makeup, while others prefer doing the bare minimum by dabbing on some concealer while their eyes are barely awake. Regardless, everyone can agree that applying makeup can be pretty time-consuming, which is why the beauty industry has come up with all sorts of hacks and multi-purpose products to make your makeup routine as efficient as possible. You have stains that can be dabbed on as an eyeshadow, blush, and even a lip color, or you could also opt for a multi-stick crayon that you can use anywhere on your face, as noted by The Zoe Report.

The beauty community has even taken the lazy-girl approach one step further by exploring the world of permanent and semi-permanent makeup solutions. Once you get lash extensions, you can barely go back to the mundane task of having to build a dramatic lash every morning, regardless of the damage they can cause, per Cosmopolitan. Things got even more permanent when people began delving into lip tattoos that promise to keep your lips perfectly tinted at all times. But one permanent makeup trend that people aren't quite sure about is permanent concealer. Is it worth giving a try?

Face tattoos for beauty?

Dark circles are a beauty struggle by which many people are plagued. You know, that dramatic dark shadow that sometimes even concealer can't seem to help. Dark circles are the reason that even those who opt for a minimal makeup look can't seem to skip concealer. But what if concealing your under eyes wasn't something you had to worry about every day? While the concept of microblading has normalized getting your face tattooed in the name of beauty, the thought of doing the same to your delicate under eyes is a little more daunting. 

Professional tattoo artist Rodolpho Torres pioneered permanent concealer, or, as he calls it, "eye camouflage" (via Refinery29). The method involves using tattoos to brighten under eyes and add concealer pigment permanently to keep the darkness at bay. Torres explains, "It's not micro-pigmentation, it's a tattoo. You can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained," per Spa + Clinic Australia. But what do doctors have to say about it?

Perhaps naturally, they aren't here for it. For instance, Dr. Lance Brown explained to Shape just how damaging permanent concealer could be, saying, "Under the eye, you need to be very cautious-you can cause an infection around the eyelid, or a sty or cyst could grow around the hair follicles." He insists and urges, "No non-medical personnel should be touching that area of your eyes-especially with a sharp instrument." With all the risks it comes with, it's potentially worth sticking to those extra five minutes it takes to apply concealer every morning. Still, if you're going to get permanent concealer, just know that the average procedure costs around $400 (via PMUHub).