How To Incorporate Neon Pops Into Your Makeup

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We love exploring all the TikTok beauty trends that are actually worth trying, from nail art to makeup. Speaking of makeup trends, we can't get over how much the intense, dramatic "Euphoria" has influenced the beauty world. According to Elle, bright, ravey makeup is a prominent trend because of the highly talked about series, and this head-turning approach to beauty won't be hitting the decline stage anytime soon.

Understandably, some people may feel a bit nervous about using neon, "Euphoria"-inspired makeup, especially if you typically opt for more subtle choices such as the "no-makeup look." However, wearing bright makeup is an excellent way to express yourself, so we recommend that everyone give this dauntless trend a try, at least once. If you're ready to start adding neon pops into your makeup, you can find plenty of inspiration on Instagram, such as rainbow-inspired eye makeup, touches of neon pink, and sparkly, contrasty looks inspired by fire and ice. So, are you ready to start experimenting with neon makeup?

Have fun with bright makeup

Wearing a bright red lipstick is a good way to ease into neon makeup because a red lip is still a classic even though it's eye-catching. If you feel daring, try rocking lip products that feature a neon undertone or a neon blush instead of a subtle shiny highlighter (via Into the Gloss). But, of course, the eye area is where you have the chance to get super creative. Whether you decide to apply a colorful design on your eyelids with eyeshadow, flaunt a striking neon eyeliner, or both, you have a prime opportunity to embrace your wild side with bold eye makeup.

If you want to start working with neon makeup, you'll need the right products. Anyone on the hunt for a petite neon palette should look into the Split Cake Liners by Gavissi Beauty because the bright colors are long-lasting but easy to remove, per Elite Daily. Or, if you love how bright eyeliner looks but aren't comfortable physically applying the liner, the PaintLab Pussycat Eye Stickers will give you a bright cat-eye liner-inspired look without having to touch a stick of eyeliner. Plus, you can reuse them after you wear them! Furthermore, those who desire a super colorful eyeshadow design need to check out the Violet Voss Tie Dye for Eyeshadow Palette, available at Sephora.

We can't wait to see how people rock the neon beauty trend — just don't forget to clean your beauty tools often to stay sanitary!