Here's How To Use A Gua Sha Facial Tool For Maximum Results

We've all seen them everywhere in daily routine videos or social media posts. The gua sha facial tool has come to be a staple in our skincare routines thanks to posts mentioning how the stone can help create more definition in our face structure. Apart from the definition in the face, many users state that using a gua sha has helped them achieve clear skin and fewer wrinkles.

Since this tool was introduced to the masses and everyone began sharing their results, the tools can be found almost anywhere. In fact, according to NBC News, the popularity of the tool has gotten so big that on TikTok, #guasha has already reached 432 million views. With everyone hopping on board with this new skincare tool, everyone seems to have their own way that they claim to be the best. However, it's important to know how to actually use it properly and safely to get the best possible results.

How to use a gua sha

Ali Tobia, a licensed aesthetician, suggests that the best way to get all of the results is to use a mixture of short and long strokes in a gentle manner along the area that needs the extra love (via Byrdie). She states that this helps move your lymph nodes a bit more to help get them to drain all of the extra fluids trapped and causing bloat in your face.

According to Allure, this process can be done in multiple areas including using the flat side of the tool from the corner of your mouth and moving it upwards towards your ear. You can also use the flat side from the top of the shoulder all the way towards the meeting point of your jaw and your ear. To add in an extra spa experience, you can use the gua sha along with your favorite skincare products to help it absorb into your skin as well. Just be sure to properly clean your gua sha prior to your next use.

Sandra Chiu, an acupuncturist and founder of the healing studio Lanshin, adds that not only can you use it along your jawline and cheeks but also under your eyes, around your mouth, on your chin, and even in the area between your eyebrows and hairline (via InStyle). For optimal use, you can pass the gua sha over these areas three to five times.