How To Know If You Are Ready To Move In With Your Partner

Do you think you've found your soulmate in your partner? Whether you and your partner have already been spending time together every day or you survived a long-distance relationship, and you can't wait to spend all your free time together, many couples get super excited about the idea of living together. After all, living with a partner can be lots of fun! 

Some of the best parts of moving in with your significant other include being able to hang out whenever you want, more opportunities to get physically and emotionally intimate, and potentially having someone with whom to split or share expenses (via Elite Daily). Living together can even help you figure out if you think you'd eventually want to get married.

However, living with a partner isn't all about deep conversations and sexytime, as there are some inevitable downsides of having a significant other as a roommate once the initial excitement wears off. For instance, you might have to compromise what you'll be watching on TV since most couples don't like all of the same types of shows, per BuzzFeed. Plus, chances are, one of you is neater than the other, which can lead to some frustration, and you might feel like you miss having more time to yourself.

So, are you ready to experience these ups and downs and live with your partner?

Here are some indications that you're ready to take that next step

We completely understand that moving in with a partner is a huge step in a relationship, and you shouldn't commit to such a drastic change in your life unless you both feel ready. According to Glizour, there are some ways to know if you'll be able to handle it once you make the jump, such as making sure you're on the same page about all things money-related. Plus, you should try spending many days in a row together to get a taste of how living together would be, and if you're both working, it's only fair to discuss how household responsibilities will be divided equally. It's also crucial to be on the same page about having furry friends in your home!

If you've already had all those conversations and still feel positive about living together, you're on the right track. Another detail to consider is your partner's not-so-cute habits and if you can handle it when they start getting on your nerves (via Bustle). Also, you and your partner should have time apart regularly and avoid relying on each other. As much as you love your partner, you're your own person — never forget that!