This Is The Most Important Place To Use Body Wash And You're Probably Missing It

Remember the time people had an ongoing debate on how often you should bathe because Mila Kunis shared that she doesn't bathe her kids every day? In an interview on Dax Shephard's podcast "Armchair Expert," Kunis said, "When I had [newborn] children, I also didn't wash them every day ... I wasn't the parent that bathed my newborns — ever" (via Glizour). She added she only gave them a bath if she could "see dirt on them." While Kunis probably has her reasons, some people might disagree with her frequency of taking baths. 

Taking care of one's personal hygiene is essential, and some people are in the habit of taking daily showers, but, according to WebMD, being too clean is "not necessary." Showering too much could lead to dry skin and affect your body's immune system, and not showering enough can make you stink and lead to other skin issues like acne. Showering two to three times a week is usually enough for most people, per WebMD. 

Of course, someone who is more active or works outside might need to shower more than someone who spends most of their time inside. Regular showers are important because they get rid of dead skin cells that no longer benefit your skin (via Medical News Today). This also helps keep your pores clear. Though how often you shower and wash your hair can depend on your lifestyle and preference, most people apparently forget to wash this body part and really shouldn't.

Don't forget to wash your feet

Think about the last time you showered. Did you really wash your feet? While many people pay attention to areas like their armpits and groin, where you are most likely to sweat more, most people skip properly cleaning their feet. While the rest of your body can just be rinsed with water, those three body parts do need the cleaning effect of soap, per Best Life

Just rinsing your feet with water isn't enough. Infectious disease expert Amesh A. Adalja, M.D., senior scholar at the John's Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Self, "Your feet are covered with bacteria, just like the rest of your skin." The bacteria are responsible for foot odor, which can be rough. However, skipping properly washing your feet could lead to worse situations like a staph infection, athlete's foot, or plantar warts, especially if you shower at the gym or walk barefoot in locker rooms.

Next time you jump in the shower, make sure to use a little foot scrub to prevent fungal or bacterial growth (via HuffPost). Practicing good foot hygiene is important for your overall health. The Institute for Preventative Foot Health (IPFH) recommends you "wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day. Use mild soap, and wash between the toes. Be sure to dry thoroughly, especially between the toes." While you might always remember to wash your armpits and groin area, don't forget to use some body wash to also clean your feet properly.