How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs, According To Dermatologists

Nothing beats that feeling of emerging from a fresh shower after a full body scrub and in-depth shaving routine. You feel smooth and slick as a dolphin, and your skin is basking in it only for it to all come crashing down to reality when you glance down at your legs and notice those pesky red spots and bumps that prevent your skin from looking as soft as it feels. 

Strawberry legs may sound cute, but there's nothing cute about dealing with them. Hey, it beats "chicken legs," though, right? Strawberry legs are a very common condition where the hair follicles on your legs become covered in bright red spots, per Verywell Health. That's right: This condition's name comes from the fact that your legs end up resembling the many dots on a strawberry.  

There are a number of unavoidable reasons why you could end up with strawberry legs. You could be suffering from a buildup of keratin in your hair follicles, which is known as keratosis pilaris, or it could just be the result of your shaving methods, which result in clogged pores and ingrown hairs, per Cosmopolitan

Nothing is quite as frustrating as doing everything you can to keep your skin as smooth and hydrated as possible but then experiencing a superficial skin condition that causes them to look bumpy and irritated. However, some body care products exist specifically to target strawberry legs, and there are a few steps you can add to your shower routine to help, too.

New routine = new legs

To fix your strawberry legs, you have to go back to the source of the problem, and that's typically your shower. While a variety of conditions can cause strawberry legs, the most common root cause is your shaving routine. There's no room for skimping anymore, and that goes for both price and steps. If you're prone to getting lazy in the shower and grabbing your affordable razor and shaving away directly on your skin, stop! 

Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose explained to Byrdie how adding in shaving cream for a smoother shave as well as preventing ingrown hairs could be a game-changer for your strawberry legs. Dr. Ali Tobia revealed it could also help to invest in a better razor that gives you a closer shave with sharper razors, per Byrdie. If you really want to go the extra mile, you could switch over to waxing entirely. Pulling your hair out rather than shaving closely could help clear out your hair follicles and prevent buildup. 

Above all else, you should be taking the time to give your strawberry legs their very own routine. The body care market is filled with products targeting strawberry legs, including body chemical exfoliants and lotions targeting keratosis pilaris, per Cosmopolitan. Investing the time and money in keeping your legs deeply moisturized and gently exfoliated will not only leave your legs feeling amazing, but it could help minimize your strawberry legs. 

Unfortunately, if your strawberry legs are a result of genetics, then your best hope is to manage them as best you can. While they may not ever fully go away, adding the above steps into your routine could help minimize the appearance of your strawberry legs and make you feel more confident than ever.