How To Nail The Super Easy Kitten Eyeliner Trend

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The cat eye is the LBD of makeup tricks because you can dress it up or down depending on your preference, and you can use a liquid liner, pencil, or gel to create a striking look. The cat eyeliner or winged liner trend is as classic as the bold red lip. In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was seen rocking the cat eye, and it was the signature look for '50s and '60s actresses like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. In recent years, cat eyeliner has made a major comeback with singers like Adele and Ariana Grande making it their signature look. 

The fascination of this beauty trend lies in the fact that it works on all eye shapes by making them look bigger and elongating the eyes in a sexy way. In fact, makeup artist Gina Brooke told Vogue, "Now more than ever, eyeliner is the most effective tool to enhance the shape of the eyes instantly, express our mood, and accentuate our unique individuality."

As much as we love the cat eye, drawing the perfect flick can be challenging. You need precision, practice, and the right product to create the perfect flick, and sadly, often, we're left with two uneven wings. Furthermore, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes told Allure, "Use the most malleable formula you can possibly find." That way, the product can "glide" across the eye instead of unnecessary tugging. Struggling with the cat eye? Try the easier kitten eyeliner trend, where the lines are shorter, lighter, and cuter.

How to perfect the kitten eyeliner

The kitten eyeliner beauty trend is a "subtler and daintier" way to execute the winged liner trend. On this, celebrity makeup artist Tarryn Feldman told Glizour, "I also feel that people want a cleaner eyeliner look, and because the kitten eye requires less liner, it can be cleaner and easier to do." The lines are shorter and easier than drawing the sharpest cat eye, its sexier older sister. It looks amazing on everyone and does a splendid job of "lifting your face" while still looking natural.

Andrew Sotomayor, an Emmy-winning makeup artist, recommends starting by pointing the liner's tip towards your ear and applying it "down just outside the corner of your eye and drag along your top lid toward the center" (via Today). Then repeat the same process from the center to the inner corner of the eye. He added that "working in sections" makes the process easier. Not too confident with liquid liner skills? Celebrity makeup artist Cara Lovello suggests using an angled brush to "place it at the corner of your eye, aligning it with the angle of your lower lash line." Then you "stamp on your wing." You can even sharpen the point with a cotton swab. Easy, right? Kitten eyeliner looks are cuter and a go-to for K-pop celebs, too.

To accomplish this look, Refinery29 loves the iconic Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. For beginners, Melt Cosmetics Ultra Matte Gel Eyeliner is easier than a liquid liner because it has a "creamy texture," per Byrdie. Now, go forth and create the cutest look!