Why Ice Cubes Are Going To Be Your New Skincare Go-To

With such an oversaturated beauty market, it's always refreshing to discover a new skincare staple that you already have lying around your home. There's always going to be a new, overpriced skincare release that you can't resist or a new viral product you simply need to have, but more often than not it's those trusty household items and natural remedies that do the trick. This is why people use coconut oil as makeup remover, after all.

Whether you're concocting your very own luxury face mask by combining oats and honey, or simply reaching for some coconut oil to moisturize your cuticles, there's no shortage of DIY beauty hacks you can use household items for, per Good Housekeeping. And sometimes, it really is as simple as popping into your freezer and grabbing a few ice cubes. 

Considering ice cubes are simply frozen water, you may be a bit skeptical as to how you could possibly incorporate them into your beauty routine. But, the truth is that there's actually more than one beauty use for ice cubes, and once you figure out all the ways it can help your skin out, it's about to be the cheapest addition to your skincare arsenal. It's basically free! 

What is skin icing?

That's right: Using ice cubes as a skincare tool even has an official name. Simply put, skin icing is the act of using ice cubes as a skincare tool, but it is an umbrella that covers a vast range of methods of use, per Byrdie. The easiest way to understand how ice benefits your skin is to think of when you get injured. If you trip, or bump into something, the very first thing you're told to do is put some ice on it to prevent swelling. Well, the same goes for your face. Applying ice cubes in any way to your skin is going to tighten and de-puff it. Naturally, this is why it's great as a morning skincare routine step, per Vogue

People have been incorporating ice into their skincare routines as far back as simply using a frozen spoon to de-puff their under eyes. But, of course, as with any viral beauty trend today, skin icing has recently been hyped up thanks to TikTok, whether it's users employing ice cubes wrapped in a paper towel or reaching for facial tools that contain ice. The question remains, though: Which skin icing method is right for you? 

Ice roll away or plunge right into it

Grabbing an Amazon ice roller has become par for the course at the beginning of any and every morning routine TikTok video, per Refinery29. Those pretty, pink rolling ice packs that are the size of your entire cheek can be a godsend after a bad night's sleep. A few rolls while sipping your morning coffee and you're guaranteed to immediately notice a less swollen face. But that's just one of the easier ways to incorporate skin icing into your skincare routine. If you really want to commit, you'll push yourself to try the method that stars like the ageless Victoria Beckham employ, per Refinery29

Of all the stunning celebrities out there, one immediately comes to mind when thinking of a sculpted face, and that's Bella Hadid. While trying out her beauty methods is surely not the secret to her natural bone structure, we can certainly try. Well, similarly to Victoria Beckham, both stars swear by the method of dipping their face into a bowl of water filled with ice cubes, per Elle

The most extreme form of skin icing, the method known as the ice bath has actually been a Korean skincare hack for years. This sudden shock to the system works to instantly give you the benefits of applying ice directly to your skin without having to massage them onto your skin. You get the same de-puffing and tightening method, while the ice bath approach also aids blood flow to leave your skin looking plumper. It doesn't hurt that it's going to instantly wake you right up, and with a lot of people already having ice on hand, this is great for a minimalist skincare routine, too.