These Are The Signs Most Compatible With Virgo In Every Type Of Relationship

If you were born between August 23 and September 22, you're a Virgo, which means you're probably a realistic and intelligent person (via Allure). People belonging to this earth sign are known for being meticulous and devoted, making it no surprise that they're beyond organized. We still have yet to meet a Virgo who doesn't mind a messy space, after all.

Allure notes that not only are Virgos intellectual people with sharp minds, but they're also super caring people with big hearts who genuinely want to see their loved ones happy. Thus, they'll often channel their hardworking attitude into attempts to resolve issues for people they care about. This ultimately means that their determination might make this sign refuse to back down when obstacles occur.

Although Virgos typically have good intentions, explains that they are notoriously judgmental of themselves and others and are often perfectionists. Some people may get offended by Virgos' criticism, but not everyone. Therefore, this sign must learn who they're most compatible with for friendships and romance.

Virgos should befriend specific star signs

When many people hear about compatibility, they often immediately think of romance, but compatibility in friendships is just as important. After all, if you wouldn't want to argue with a romantic partner, why would you want to fight with a friend?

According to Bustle, Virgos typically make excellent friends with Scorpios and Cancers. Virgos are earth signs and these are two water signs, but that contrast can be helpful and refreshing to a practical Virgo. Plus, Bustle explained that, like Virgos, Scorpios often have deep thoughts. This similar mindset can prevent boring, surface-level conversations or petty arguments and instead lead to a mutual understanding, creating a long-lasting friendship.

Furthermore, Bustle notes that Virgos might be more likely to trust Cancers than other signs, which can help them knock down any walls that they may typically put up. A traditionally stoic Virgo's ability to be vulnerable to trustworthy Cancers indicates that this is a great sign to befriend.

On the other hand, MindBodyGreen adds that both Virgos and Geminis are clever people who typically enjoy deadpan humor. Thus, these two signs will likely enjoy the same TV shows and movies and laugh at each other's jokes.

Virgos can find successful romantic relationships with a few specific signs

So, who should a perfectionist Virgo date? According to InStyle, Virgos will be likely to find success in the romance department with Taurus, since these two signs have a lot in common. For instance, Virgos and Taurus both are known for their realistic outlooks on life. These two signs typically get along quite well and are not likely to argue, making for a happy relationship.

Not only do Virgos and Cancers make great duos as friends, but InStyle notes that they're romantically compatible, too. Both of these signs are caring, helpful, and generous people, so they'll be likely to bend over backward for each other and want to give each other the world. Have you ever seen a romantic comedy where two best friends end up falling in love? That premise could become a real-life scenario for a Virgo and a Cancer.

According to Bustle, Capricorns are so compatible with Virgos that these two hardworking signs typically share a soulmate connection. Virgos and Capricorns make great couples because they have so much in common, such as their desires to succeed and dedication to their careers. Their mutual understanding of one another ultimately makes for a beautiful relationship.