Striped Handbags: Summer 2024's Premier Preppy Accessory Trend

If plaid is associated with winter, then stripes are definitely a summer pattern. They're flattering on everyone, have a nautical feel (here's looking at you, Jean Paul Gaultier), and instantly give clothing an elevated preppy aesthetic that warm weather oh-so demands. While striped button-up shirts or linen pants create sophisticated summer looks everyone should have in their wardrobe, banded purses are one trend you need to add to your accessory stockpile this year. Designers such as Saint Laurent and Comme de Garçons are even in on the secret with their own versions of striped handbags. (Pro tip: Bucket bags are big this year, so get a striped bucket bag to be doubly on trend.)

There's nothing quite like finding the perfect bag, and summer is the best season to play around with different patterns, shapes, and colors. For example, you can go bold with thick, diagonal stripes or opt for a few dainty lines — it's entirely up to you. After all, a person can never have enough handbags, and this summer's trend is the perfect excuse to go shopping for an extra rush of sunshine-fueled dopamine.

Black-and-white striped bags never go out of style

When jet-setting around the world, a striped black-and-white bag is the perfect accessory to carry around your belongings. Just be sure to get one big enough to stash some extra cash, sunscreen, and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. What's more, this style is so versatile that you can wear it with a casual daytime look while sightseeing or enjoying a luxe day on a yacht.

Stripes on stripes is a fun summertime look

Can't decide if you want stripes on your clothing or bag? You don't have to pick just one, as a colorful woven bag with chunky bands complements a black-and-white dress with thin stripes perfectly. When mixing stripes, just remember that it's best to go with different widths to keep the look from becoming too dizzyingly uniform.

Keep the stripes simple for an elegant touch

All-over stripes can sometimes be overkill, but a few wide ones placed strategically on a bag looks so chic and elegant. Moreover, one with a long chain is ideal for summer nights when you want to keep your hands free, such as entwining one of yours with a date while going for a nightly walk.

Red and white stripes aren't just for the circus

Summer is all about going to fun carnivals, so a red-and-white striped bag couldn't be more fitting. It'll add a playful touch to any outfit, especially when continuing the theme with a bright crimson blazer. Finally, we suggest completing your outfit with a denim maxi skirt and chunky white sneakers or comfy clogs.

Blue and yellow stripes couldn't be more summery

Large tote bags are summer staples, as you can use them for everything from trips to the beach to nearly any weekend getaway. Choose one with cheerful blue, yellow, and light-beige stripes, and we guarantee you'll get adoring looks from passersby everywhere. If you're traveling by plane, wear a cobalt-blue blazer and soft, yellow plaid skirt to create a timeless airport outfit.

A striped clutch is a totally adorbs summer accessory

We adore a good clutch purse, especially when it has multi-colored stripes. You can dress your accessory down with an ombre T-shirt dress or elevate a little black dress with your mini purse. Just don't forget your essentials when heading out the door, making sure your clutch is packed with lipstick, your keys, mints, and, of course, your credit card.