That's That Hair Espresso: How To Hop On The Coffee-Inspired Brunette Trend

Espresso martini hair is the latest and greatest hair trend, and it's just in time for your next salon refresh. This beverage-themed hair color is a continuation of winter 2024's caramel macchiato brunette, but it marries the espresso notes with rich brown tones — similar to last year's expensive brunette trend — and is warm enough to wear as a summer shade.

"Espresso martini hair is a rich chocolate color with a skinny piece of lightened hair around the front," Beverly Hills-based hairstylist Sierra Kener tells PopSugar. The lightened strands are referred to as "money pieces" and add more character to this tonal look. "[The trend] will look best with clients who have darker natural hair who want something low maintenance while still having a little dimension," Kener adds. That said, you can work with your stylist to adapt the espresso brown trend to your natural hair color, even if you're not a natural brunette. To that end, it's time to sit back, hit "Play" on Sabrina Carpenter's "Espresso," and try not to drool over these decadent coffee-inspired color options.

No one can resist an espresso-brown balayage

A multi-dimensional espresso balayage should incorporate rich shades of brown, including notes of dark coffee, caramel cream, and frothy latte. In our opinion, the more complex the balayage, the better, as it all comes together to create a playful look that's flattering in all kinds of lighting. To finish off the look, ask for soft brown money pieces to frame your face.

Swap a balayage for subtle highlights

Take a break from your routine balayage and opt for delicate espresso highlights to shake things up. Highlights add subtle dimension to your locks and you can choose between standard highlights, chunky highlights, or low-key lowlights to match what you're going for. To stay true to the subtle-leaning color option, ask for a seamless blend of chocolate and espresso tones — and don't forget to add money pieces.

Add a dusting of cocoa powder to an espresso balayage

Spruce up your brunette balayage with a sprinkling of cocoa powder to create a decadent espresso-chocolate swirl. This look calls for a distinct U-shaped balayage with darker roots to better accentuate the softer shades as you move downward. And here's a hot tip: Ask your stylist to weave ash-blond notes throughout to catch the light (and your crush's attention).

Perfect your espresso locks with bold money pieces

"The money piece is a trend that's here to stay," celebrity colorist Laura Gibson tells Byrdie. "It brightens the face and works with any hair color. It can be soft or bold so it's customizable for all, and makes any color look more interesting." Espresso hair grants you the freedom to play around with the money-piece trend, so why not go all out and opt for dramatic latte-blond face-framing pieces?

Lean toward a caramel brown if you love caffè latte

Straight espresso shots are certainly not for everyone. If you prefer a creamier espresso beverage, you'll fall head over heels for a milky, caramel-infused balayage. Instead of deep-brown tones, ask your colorist for warm-brown highlights and a light-brunette base. If your hair tends to get brassy over time, don't forget to use a blue shampoo to reduce brassiness and maintain the caramel strands.