Bright Coral: The Nail Color Making A Big Splash For Spring/Summer 2024

When it comes to summer-ready color stories, coral is a gift that keeps on giving. Beachy, bright, and perfect for hot weather, it's all right there in coral's ocean-centric name. With its warm undertones, not only can coral help make you look tan, but it instantly evokes the natural, orange-infused tones of seashells, hibiscus, and summer sunsets. Vacation vibes? Check, check, and check.

Best of all, the color spectrum that is coral flaunts variations to suit every trend and aesthetic. For instance, there are always pastel-adjacent options like sugary-sweet coral glazed manicures for a light, feminine look.

But this summer, we aren't talking about pale, peachy hues. For 2024, we're instead repping hot, saturated corals that are as vibrant as a tropical reef. Think of it this way: We're setting aside soft coral pinks and embracing rich coral reds. These shades are a vivid, orange-tinted take on classic red nails, creating a look that's less Hollywood vamp and more confident beach goddess. And with endless ways to reimagine the color in manicure form, bright coral is a staple for all your summertime nail art.

Consider coral for a playful French manicure

With its clean white tips, a traditional French manicure never goes out of style. But why not inject a little summer fun into the look by tipping your nails in vivid coral? A bright coral French manicure offers a dash of color that's whimsical, but not overwhelming. Plus, it looks great on any nail length and shape, whether you're sporting super-long coffin nails or a short and tidy square-tipped manicure.

Combine coral and orange to create sunset ombré nails

Torn between hot coral and sunny orange for your next summer nail color? Get the best of both worlds with an ombré manicure. The gradation of color in an ombré manicure mimics the soft flow of hues in nature — in this instance, the warm glow of a summer sunset — helping you deliver flawlessly seasonal vibes. The subtle transition from orange to coral and back again also adds depth and allure to your mani, as the eye is never quite sure where to settle. 

Coral florals add impactful detail to your manicure

Vibrant and loud, hot coral can make a big statement with even the smallest details. Use bright coral in intricate designs like delicate florals to help the whole look pop. Create a different design on each nail, or contrast your florals with a few nails of solid coral in glossy or matte finishes. Florals are also a fun chance to match coral with other summer colors — paired with hues like lemon yellow, coral creates a fun-in-the-sun aesthetic that's all picnics, barbecues, and beach parties.

Coral chrome nails are on-trend for summer

Chrome nails have been a big fad recently, and we've seen countless variations, from cheerful and springy yellow chrome nails to moody, wintry black chrome nails. For a warm-weather twist on the trend, bright coral is the perfect base for your summery chrome manicure. Note that chrome powder is typically a salon-only product, so it may be difficult to recreate this look at home — instead, let your nail artist do all the heavy lifting for this gorgeous seasonal style.

Bright coral is super sweet in a watermelon mani

Does anything scream summertime like the fresh red curve of sliced watermelon? This fruit is often used as inspiration for adorable manicures — and bright coral is an ideal color to evoke its juicy sweetness. To DIY the look, try a reverse French manicure technique. Apply a base layer of green for the rind, then layer your hot coral on top, leaving a sliver of green exposed at the nail bed. Finish with a coat of clear polish or add a few black seeds to make your watermelon inspo even juicier.