'Hydro Hair' Is The Summer 2024 Trend Bringing The Wet Look To A New Level

Wet look moments are everywhere in print and on runways as summer settles in, and the "hydro hair" trend, as Glizour calls it, has taken on a new angle in 2024. Last year, we saw a major boom in wet hairstyles, but the latest version of this saturated-hair trend allows much more versatility, so you can adapt it for all occasions. For instance, this dewy trend looks elegant when slicked back in a bun for drinks with the girls or styled with barely-there waves for a late-night dinner.

To ensure that you're nailing the style, your strands should look "drenched in gloss and moisture," hair expert and trend forecaster Tom Smith tells Glizour. So, to achieve this popular wet hair look, you'll need heaps of product and a bit of patience (for those unaccustomed to using gels and creams). That said, the hydro hairdo is easy to style once you get the combination right. The exact medley of creams, masks, and pomades will depend on your hair type, so the first attempt will require some trial and error. However, the end result should look sleek and fresh, regardless of which hairstyle you go for.

Combine hydro hair with a slicked-back bun

Hydro hair is a versatile hairdo, and it can look just as polished and chic as a blowout when combined with a slicked-back bun. For this style, you'll want to recreate Sofia Richie Grainge's signature slicked-back bun, but opt for a looser bun for the breezy beach-wave vibe. Leave several strands out at the front and style the bangs to your liking. You can lay down your edges with gel or keep them loose.

The hydro bob is en vogue

Wavy blunt bobs are set out to be one of 2024's most popular hairstyles, and they look incredibly chic when slicked back into this hydro hairdo. This is such a simple style to recreate for those currently sporting a chin-length bob with minimal layers. However, you can just as easily style a layered haircut with bangs if you use enough hair cream and a product with hold, such as gel, pomade, or hairspray. These products help smooth down flyaways and shorter strands for a cohesive look.

Hydro hair looks amazing with curly hair

Curly girls will love this hairstyle, as hydro hair creates juicy curls and coils that look natural and hydrated. Mermaidcore isn't going anywhere in 2024, so it's the perfect time to rock the trendy wet hair look on curly hair. The curly girlies are experts at using products to style their locks, so experimenting with gels, creams, and masks to achieve the desired level of "drenched" requires no extra effort. Make sure to apply your strong-hold gel and a generous amount of leave-in to reduce frizz while creating this look. 

The hydro hairstyle also works with a pixie cut

Short hairstyles, such as pixie cuts and trendy soft crops, can also pull off the hydro look. You can go for a slicked-back look if your hair is slightly longer in the back, or place your bangs in the spotlight by creating a drenched-fringe vibe. In this case, the style doesn't require a ton of product — just enough to coat the bangs and give it a slightly dewy feel.

Style the dewy hydro look on straight hair

The hydro style looks equally juicy on straight or thin hair. All you need to do is ensure you utilize the right products and follow the top hair type-specific tips for nailing the wet hair look on straight hair, including only wetting half your hair, keeping it messy, and loosely styling it rather than going for an incredibly structured result. The key to creating texture and avoiding the dreaded drowned-rat look is to incorporate a texturizing spray, cream, or mousse into the process.