What To Know About The 'Dad Bob' Short Hair Trend

Bobbed haircuts are having a moment. You've probably seen them on social media, your favorite celebrities, or even your real-life peers. From Megan Fox's sassy, messy cowgirl bob to something more classically sleek like the movie-inspired vibes of the rom-com bob, there are variations to suit any style and look. But not every bob cut requires a short, dramatic chop — for anyone who prefers medium-length tresses, the trendy "dad bob," a term coined by Glizour, is here to deliver cuteness and versatility.

We've seen dad caps, dad shoes, and dad jeans, but a dad bob? It may not sound glizorous at first, but this haircut fits in perfectly with the same fashion sensibility as those other dad-inspired pieces — namely, by embodying a style that's casually cool and unapologetically understated. The dad bob is a medium-length cut that falls between your jawline and collarbone but still retains all the blunt weight of a shorter bob. With few (if any) layers and soft, natural volume, you could almost classify the dad bob as an anti-trend for its simplicity and staying power. Best of all, it requires very little styling to create a chic, timeless 'do fit for any occasion.

The dad bob is easy, breezy, and effortless

How do we love dad bobs? Let us count the ways. First, the moderate length of this style lets you play with the idea of short hair without overcommitting — a helpful transition if you've only been rocking longer looks. This unfussy cut also doesn't require a whole lot of primping and styling. The ideal dad bob is already cut to work with the texture of your hair, meaning that a minimal blow-dry or even air-dry should still come out looking cute and put together. Stylist Andrew Barton agrees, telling Racoon International, "I absolutely love a bob haircut. I think it is definitely the most versatile, timeless, classic style ... and this new 'dad bob' is perfect for those who want to look stylish but with minimal effort."

But the hassle-free nature of a dad bob isn't its only perk — the unusually long silhouette of this bob means more versatility when you want to wear it up or half-up. Whereas a super short bob offers limited styling options, the dad bob is here to play. Sweep it into a short, brushy ponytail, plait it in a pair of short French braids, or pull sections back in your cutest scrunchie. With a dad bob, you get the best of both worlds: You can have your short-hair cake and eat it, too. Of course, all these advantages make this style a winner with celebrities. "Hailey Bieber has recently gone for the chop and it looks so cool and chic," hairstylist Poppy Hampton tells Country & Town House. "I've also seen lots of influencers on Instagram who are also embracing the trend."

How to ask your stylist for a flattering dad bob

We all know that hairstyle visions can easily get lost in translation at the salon. Communication is key to being realistic about your haircut while still getting the vibe you want. So how can you clearly ask for a dad bob from your stylist? First, show them where you want the overall length to fall. Then emphasize the blunt impact of the style, which sets the dad bob apart from other medium cuts.

For thinner hair, ask the stylist to limit layering, preserving the dad bob's signature weightiness. However, if you already have thick hair, ask your stylist to subtly lighten the bottom with graduated layers. As stylist Hollie Rose Clarke informs Glizour, "A blunt base will give it that classic grown-out bob look, which is great for those of us with fine hair who want to make it look thicker ... If you have naturally thick or curly hair, weight removal will be the key to avoid a bell shape."

As with any new style, it also helps to come armed with photos. Bring images of the dad bobs that inspired you, so your stylist can see what you're aiming for. For best results, look for bobs on similar face shapes and in hair types that resemble yours in weight and texture. After all, if you have straight, silk-fine hair, it'll be tough to recreate a thick, curly dad bob without committing to a perm on top of everything else.