How To Copy Anne Hathaway's High Ponytail For A Perfectly Flirty Hair Look

Anne Hathaway always kills it on the red carpet, but some of her hottest looks would be incomplete without her signature high pony hairstyle. This flirty updo might just be the actor's go-to look, as she tied her hair up at the "Idea of You" premiere at the end of April 2024, and then a few days later during an episode of "The Tonight Show." The actor has celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita to thank for creating the full-bodied effect, which you can't help but envy — especially when paired with Hathaway's immaculately-styled front bangs.

The beloved "Princess Diaries" star allows her French girl bangs to take center spotlight for this hairstyle, making this flirty ponytail ever-so-chic and trendy. As such, this truly is the perfect style if you have a full fringe, wispy butterfly bangs, or face-framing bottleneck bangs. All you need to recreate Hathaway's ponytail are standard styling products, heat styling tools, a round brush and teasing comb, and if you're lacking natural bangs, some clip-ins. The key is to build volume to give the 'do a wow factor, and then refine the bangs to give this look its finishing touch. 

Create volume and texture

To capture Anne Hathaway's hairstyle, you'll need to build the "oomph." In other words, you don't want to haphazardly tie your hair up and have it look drab and lifeless. Start by using a volumizing mousse and texturizing spray to add bounce to your hair before you put it up. And if you're a curly-haired girlie, continue your hair routine as usual — mousse and gel included.

Then gather your strands up close to the crown of your head, and remember to comb your hair back for a smooth finish. Once you're satisfied with the base look and feel your high pony is secure, it's time to use a large-barrel curling wand to recreate the "Becoming Jane" star's delicate waves. Alternatively, you could lightly wave your hair before putting it up and then go over it once you have your ponytail. Of course, if your hair is naturally textured or curly, you can skip this step and enjoy your natural bounce! Using a teasing comb, gently backcomb your pony to create more fullness, and secure with hairspray.

You can still copy Hathaway's look with short to medium hair. In this case, add length and volume to your ponytail by creating two ponytails that flow into one, or apply hair extensions. "When using hair extensions for ponytails, don't forget to leave out a few hairs to wrap around the base to hide any hair ties or extension clips," hairstylist Nicky Lazou tells Byrdie.

Perfect the bangs and add the finishing touches

Next, you want to style the bangs. The "Les Miserables" actor's retro Birkin bangs require a long fringe that reaches down to the eyebrows. For those who have step bangs or layered bangs, pull a few strands out on the sides to frame your face. You can also add clip-in bangs if your current haircut doesn't have any.

To achieve chic French bangs, round them out with your preferred styling tool. In this case, a flat iron or a blowdryer and round brush will create the bouncy, salon-worthy look we're going for. Now, you can perfect the tiny details. Feel free to go in with your texturizing spray again if you need to touch up your ponytail. Additionally, some people prefer to conceal the hair tie by taking a small section of hair and wrapping it around the elastic band. Lastly, do a few pass overs with your hairspray and add a few drops of hair oil to smooth down flyaways, and you'll have a chic high ponytail that Miranda Priestly herself would approve of.