Megan Fox's Most Inappropriate Looks

Megan Fox has been in the entertainment industry since the early aughts, and over more than two decades, she has proven again and again just how true to herself she is. Fox's style was always bold and trendy, but the star has now embraced an even edgier and more unapologetic aesthetic, one that always ensures her looks make it to the spotlight. "I just think that you've got to wear what makes you feel good. And by the way, there are plenty of days where I'm just not in the mood, and all I want to wear is giant sweats," Fox told Elle in 2021. "There are definitely some times where mentally, I'm not in a place where I want to be exposed or interact with the world. I think style is a closer reflection of your mood than some people realize, and because of that, it changes constantly. Like I change multiple times a day sometimes, don't you?"

Now, while we aren't big on judging people's fashion choices, we also find plenty of comfort in the fact that even the rich and famous make fashion mistakes — regardless of their vast access to luxurious designer clothing and the industry's best stylists. So please take this list lightly — fashion is never that serious, and we're completely aware that some of the looks that we've picked would be on someone's "best-dressed list." However, there are reasons why we included them on this one, from breaking SAG-AFTRA's strike rules to rocking a 'fit that isn't weather-appropriate at all.

Megan Fox's choice of underwear ruined her 2021 MTV Video Music Awards look

At the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, Megan Fox showed up in a delicate, see-through dress that definitely showcased just how fit the star is. And while sheer dresses are always a topic of debate — some love them, others think they don't belong in the public — we actually don't mind the fact that Fox opted to leave very little to the imagination. She certainly has the confidence to pull it off, so why shouldn't she? 

However, what we do mind is her choice of underwear. The silver clashes with the glitter of the custom Mugler midi dress, and had she opted for nude underwear (similar to the top portion), this look would have been incredible. Unfortunately, the underwear the star opted for is only drawing attention away from the dress, which is a shame as its intricate yet subtle detailing is a true work of art. Of course, we at Gliz know that styling the sheer trend is always a tricky task, as things can go wrong very quickly. And after the 2021 MTV VMAs, Fox knows that as well.

Megan Fox should know better than to rock bright blue pants on a rainy day

Megan Fox attended the Moschino show during New York Fashion Week in September 2021, and for the occasion, she decided to channel her inner '70s diva. The star opted for a matching blue Moschino set consisting of a collared crop top and flare pants, giving us major disco fever. The star paired the groovy outfit with gold platform heels and a matching blue bag, and in theory, this look should have been incredible.

Unfortunately, in reality, it was raining, and no height of her platform heels and amount of umbrellas could have saved the bottom of the pants from getting wet. And just like that, the look went from fab to drab as the fabric at the bottom hem became noticeably darker, drawing our eye to it. Now, while this isn't really Megan Fox's fault, we can't help but wonder what her stylists were thinking not checking the weather forecast before picking this ensemble.

Megan Fox's 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party look just wasn't it

For the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Megan Fox decided to go with a look by Miss Sohee. Unfortunately, the black velvet dress with its plunging neckline and mermaid-like peplum hip attachments didn't appear very cohesive, which made Fox's look quite overwhelming. Had the dress featured only one — the deep neckline or the peplum details — we would have loved it much more. But instead, it made it onto our list.

However, luckily for Fox, all eyes were on her hair as the star was debuting a new color — a trendy copper that matched her undertone perfectly. "If all the fire and brimstone from hell was in your hair and you were the Queen of the Underworld," Fox told Vanity Fair of her vision for her new look. "It's a long process but totally worth it! When you take your time you will get the result you want," Fox's hair stylist Jacob Schwartz told And while the hair certainly made the look better, it couldn't really do much but distract from the odd gown choice.

Megan Fox's dress at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards seemed poorly tailored

In 2022, Megan Fox made an eye-catching appearance at the Billboard Music Awards red carpet; however, the more we look at her gown designed by David Koma, the more we notice that it easily could have been refined a little more. For starters, the ultra-high slit on the dress was a daring choice — but the fact that her nude underwear was peeking at the top of it could have easily been prevented had the slit dropped just a few inches longer — or had her underwear sat higher. The tailoring of the dress itself also seemed a bit off, as there was some extra material around her waist — something that was noticeable when Fox walked the red carpet. Lastly, the nude mesh that kept the dress together in the front was very obvious, drawing attention away from the intricate gloves the star was wearing. All in all, the dress had incredible potential, but if you ask us, it didn't live up to the standards we're used to from the actor.

Fox attended the event with her on-and-off-again partner, musician Machine Gun Kelly, who also has a major influence on her style. In 2021, Fox revealed to E! News, "He obviously is really flamboyant with his style. I always had a streak of that when I was young." She added, "He has elevated that a lot and brought that out a lot more." 

Megan Fox's look for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards was all over the place

Perhaps one of the star's most inappropriate choices on the list is the Mugler dress (if we can even call it one) that she wore to the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. Now, let's clarify that we're absolutely not against showing skin — we even love giving tips for how to rock a bra when wearing a risky outfit — but even with cutouts, there is such a thing as too many. The star's revealing look wasn't improved at all with the sheer skirt, which frankly just seemed as if it had been thrown over the bodice last minute. And while we know that this type of outfit was chosen for the shock factor — we can't help but think that Fox has been in the spotlight for long enough to give us a more stylish version of sultry and skin-baring.

In her interview with Elle, Fox admitted that part of the reason why she tends to rock see-through and cutout pieces is her petite frame. "... what people might not know about me is that I'm super petite. People do not realize how small I am," she admitted. "So if I know I'm going to be photographed, I do tend to pick things with a very close fit. I would love to put on a pair of parachute pants, but it just doesn't work on my body! It wasn't exactly a choice to only wear tight clothes or cutouts."

Even with Y2K fashion, this Megan Fox look was a major mish-mash

In 2003, Megan Fox — who hadn't had her big break with "Transformers" just yet — attended the premiere of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" alongside her at-the-time boyfriend, actor David Gallagher. And while we have to be forgiving when it comes to early-aughts fashion, there's only so much we can excuse.

For the red-carpet event, Fox decided to throw on as many mismatched items as she could, seemingly hoping it would all make sense together. Unfortunately for her, it didn't. And more than two decades later, we still can't understand why the star thought this outfit was appropriate for the event — or why she thought this outfit was appropriate for anything, really. The plaid miniskirt and the sheer mesh/crochet long-sleeved top were already a recipe for disaster, but add the visible bra and bright-red purse to it, and this one had no other choice but to go down in history as one of the star's worst fashion moments ever. And while Y2K fashion is back, we plead with Gen Z to do better than millennials have — leave the mish-mash fashion in the closet where it belongs.

Megan Fox's Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen style was everything but teen-appropriate

Millennials will remember that Megan Fox appeared in the 2000s classic "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen." For the movie's premiere in 2004, the then-18-year-old Fox decided to give us a very grown-up look — however, the choice backfired. Fox showed up on the red carpet in a floral midi dress that definitely seemed like something your aunt would wear to your school recital. To make matters worse, the actor paired the dress with a bold maroon faux fur jacket, statement jewelry, and old Hollywood curls. The end result was a young star dressed up in an outfit that appeared way too serious, unnecessarily aging her. But then again, the 2000s were a unique landscape for fashion trends, which is why we wouldn't be surprised if this particular look was praised at the time. Even if that had been the case, it certainly didn't age well.

In 2021, Fox admitted that her style at the beginning of her career wasn't that important to her. "Truthfully, it wasn't something I'd ever really put too much thought into on my own, because I had gone through a bunch of stylists early on in my career, and none of them really resonated with me," she told Elle. "And I felt like they were always dressing me too conservatively; I just wasn't inspired. And so I kind of lost my love of fashion altogether, because I was like, 'Wait, this isn't like a creative process for me.'"

Megan Fox's 2023 Halloween Costume broke the SAG-AFTRA's strike guidelines

In 2023, during the SAG-AFTRA strike, Megan Fox caused quite a controversy with her Halloween look. For the Annual Casamigos Halloween Party, Fox and her partner Machine Gun Kelly decided to wear a major pop culture costume as they dressed up as Gogo Yubari and Beatrix Kiddo from the 2003 movie "Kill Bill." Of course, this wouldn't have been a problem under normal circumstances, but that year it went against SAG-AFTRA's guidelines for the strike. "Choose costumes inspired by generalized characters and figures (ghost, zombie, spider, etc.)," SAG-AFTRA posted on its website prior to the holiday, urging its members to avoid dressing up as movie characters at all costs (via SheFinds). The labor union also added that its members should avoid posting "photos of costumes inspired by struck content on social media."

This brings us to the inappropriateness of her Halloween look. Megan Fox not only dressed up as a character from a movie but also posted photos of herself in costume on Instagram, despite SAG-AFTRA's clear guidelines. And to make matters worse, the star captioned the images with @sagaftra — clarifying that she was fully aware of what she was doing. Naturally, this garnered her plenty of backlash from the public, with people calling her out for her behavior on social media.

In 2005, Megan Fox paired lots of bold colors and it didn't age well

At the 2005/2006 ABC UpFront event, Megan Fox turned heads for all the wrong reasons. The star was undoubtedly hopeful that her look would come across as chic and fun, but instead, it was a colorful disaster. Each element of the look (except for the shoes, which are hideous) could have worked on its own, but together they created an ensemble that was all over the place.

Between the bright purple of the dress, the turquoise necklace, and the golden heels with flower detailing, this outfit had no chance of being a winner. Even the hot-pink lip isn't working with any part of the look. Had Fox stuck to the purple dress and simple gold accessories, this would have been a great example of Y2K fashion that looked stunning. However, the mismatched accessories ensured the 'fit found its way onto our list.

Megan Fox's 2024 Grammy Awards Viewing Party look was a tad too much

Anyone who has been keeping up with Megan Fox's style knows that the star isn't afraid of taking risks. A great example of that is the chainmail dress that she wore at the 2024 Grammy Awards Viewing Party. Styled by Marc Eram, this look had lots of potential, but the end result was somehow both shocking and underwhelming: shocking because the star was not wearing much, yet underwhelming as the chainmail dress lacked a silhouette. Of course, we're aware that giving it shape isn't an easy task but had the dress been a tad longer and slightly cinched at the waist, this look would have given off an entirely different vibe. We love the addition of the oversized coat to counter the edginess of the chainmail dress, but we would have gone for more delicate heels instead of the silver platform ones Fox and Eram decided to go with. But we have to give praise where praise is due — the star debuted her pastel-pink hair, and hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos did an incredible job! 

If there's one thing about Fox's style, it's that she isn't afraid of dancing on that edge of what is acceptable and what's not. In a 2023 interview with Women's Wear Daily, Fox said, "I've had a weird relationship with fashion ... " She added that she was "rejecting" the image that the media was trying to force her to fit. "And then more recently, I rediscovered [fashion], and especially right now, I'm going through all these different phases of like, 'what do I like and what can I wear that expresses how I'm feeling or what do I want or what I want to say in this moment?' I'm learning to use fashion in a way that reflects who I am now," Fox admitted.

Visible pasties are never a good fashion moment — and Megan Fox should know that

Nipple pasties are a great way to ensure you're not exposing too much while also skipping on wearing a bra. However, once the pasties become visible, it kind of defeats the purpose of them, and you might as well just free the nipple entirely in that case. This brings us to 2023, when Megan Fox attended an event for her poetry book "Pretty Boys are Poisonous". Even after two decades in the spotlight, it seemed as if the star forgot that flash photography can easily reveal too much.

While her outfit — which consisted of a brown leather skirt and a casual brown tank top — was a great choice for the occasion, it was her pasties that we couldn't help but notice. Of course, a fashion faux pas like this can easily happen to everyone, and luckily for Fox, her bright-red hair surely distracted many from noticing it in person. Unfortunately for her, the internet never forgets.