7 Beautiful Brunette Hair Color Ideas For Summer

Brunette hair will never go out of style — its timeless options have proven over and over again that there's a right shade of brown for everyone. However, each season does bring certain brunette colors to the forefront of popularity, and this summer has quite a variety of fun and different shades to offer, both lighter and darker ones. "This year will hero brown and brunette shades in the same way 2023 did for coppers. With monochrome dressing in fashion at an all-time high, and tonal browns as popular now as they were in the early '00s," hairstylist Tom Smith told Glizour.

If you're already a brunette but are looking for a way to spice your look up, or you're a completely different shade playing around with the idea of going brown, allow us to introduce you to some of the brunette trends we expect to be big this summer. From cool-toned smokey hues to going almost copper, here are the brunette hues proving once again that brown might just be the supreme hair color after all.

Expensive brunette is here to stay

Expensive brunette has been a popular hair color for a while now, and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. After all, quiet luxury is one of those timeless trends, which is why opting for a rich and luscious brown is a fail-proof option. With this trend, you want subtle dimension — but no in-your-face highlights or lowlights. "It's shiny, it's warm, it sparkles in the light, and it's natural," hairstylist Sarah Klein told InStyle. "What makes it look expensive is the richness of the tones and the shine."

Caramel macchiato brunette is perfect for those who want a warm-toned brown

If you prefer a brown hair color with more yellow or orange undertones, a caramel macchiato brunette is the perfect choice for you. Of course, the undertones are quite understated, ensuring the end result still classifies as a brunette. This trend is all about very subtle highlights that give the overall hair a bit of warmth, making this the perfect hair trend for anyone with warm or neutral undertones. And if you're unsure what your undertones are — don't worry, we've got you: Figuring out your undertones is easy-peasy with our guide.

Charcoal brunette is a great option for lovers of cooler tones

Now, if you have neutral or cool undertones, a brunette hair trend that will look incredible on you is charcoal. As the name suggests, it's all about leaning into hints of gray, making your hair a very ashy brown — and color specialist Lauren Mildice revealed to Glizour that this trend is quickly rising. "Color companies such as Redken are creating colors such as 'brown smoke' and 'cool ebony' due to popular demand," she told the outlet.

Crunette is the love child of copper and brunette

Crunette is exactly what it sounds like: a mix of copper and brown. While copper has been trending in 2024, there's no denying that committing to a bright color like that isn't for everyone. However, if you do want to experience the fun being a redhead offers, consider going for a brown shade with copper undertones. "[Crunette] is a great choice for those who are drawn to the intense copper shades but are hesitant to wear a brighter or bolder hair color," celebrity colorist Tom Smith told Byrdie.

Midnight brunette is all about being mysterious and bold

Midnight brunette is all about embracing the mysterious and dark hues of the midnight sky while avoiding going fully black. With this trend, you can either lean into cool and blue-toned undertones or warm maroon ones. This option is perfect for those who have naturally darker hair and eyebrows, as it helps enhance those features with some subtle color in a tone that is mostly visible in direct sunlight.

Taupe brunette is the perfect option for those looking for a brond shade

Taupe brunette is a hair color often classified as being on the verge between light brown and dark blond. However, what sets it apart from other brond shades is the fact that taupe brunette is all about keeping it cool and leaning into mushroom tones. "This taupe and mushroom inspired brown shade is a great option for those wanting to play with brunette shades but keen to keep away from warmth, red, or chocolate tones," hairstylist Tom Smith explained to Glizour. "This is a whisper of brunette, rather than a shout."

Riviera brunette is the expensive brunette's younger, cooler sister

Riviera brunette is exactly as fun as it sounds — a classic expensive brunette on vacation, with those subtle sunkissed highlights framing your face. However, Riviera brunette isn't a classic balayage hairstyle. "It feels more natural and organic, almost as if the hair has been naturally lightened from sea salt and heat from the sun," hair colorist Paul Bingham told Vogue. The end result should look like you've been chilling on a yacht for weeks, yet your hair still looks incredible, just slightly lighter.