5 Nail Art Ideas For Older Women (Because Fun Manicures Don't Know Age)

Thanks to Gen Zers, nail art has been kicked up several notches over the past few years. What used to be considered fancy were French manicures and some rhinestones glued onto our nails but with new technology and social media, the younger generation are striving to outdo each other. We're seeing 3D nail art with baubles, pearls, bling, and more. Long stiletto-shaped nails are also a trend with the Gen Z crowd — but they might not be preferable to older women.

If you're a Gen Xer or older, fear not — there are plenty of nail ideas for you that are fun, yet not over-the-top. While many of you may be used to a classic one-shade look, there's no harm in trying out cute designs or even going all the way with a 3D mani. The best thing about manicures is that they're not permanent and you can always change things up in a week or two!

Have fun with one or two accent nails

A great way to experiment with nail art is to choose a nail or two for an accent art piece. Many usually opt for the ring finger as the stand-alone nail but if you prefer two, you can accent your middle finger as well. Go for a fun graphic design with colors that complement the rest of your digits, such as gold and navy, which look awesome next to a Tiffany blue shade.

Glitter polish is a fun nail art staple

We believe that you're never too old for glitter, especially when it comes to nail art. For a classic look, paint your nails with a pale pink color and then go over them with a touch of glitter. Apply glitter to your nails like a pro by drawing on a French manicure or other fun designs on the tips. For a finishing touch, cover your pinky nail with the glitter polish.

Put a fun twist on white nail polish

White nail polish is both classy and classic, but let's face it — it can look boring on its own. Jazz it up by painting an ombré glitter in a fun fuchsia shade from the base and gradually lightening it towards the tip of your nail. You can paint all ten fingers like that or choose one accent nail. Stripes are also a fun way to incorporate some color into your white polish.

Fruit-colored nails are just what you need for summer

You don't have to only go for muted colors just because you fall into an older age bracket. Bright colors can give you a youthful boost of dopamine! At your next salon visit, choose the brightest shade you can find. We're especially partial to a summertime yellow and peachy-pink combo — and don't forget your fruit-inspired accent nail.

Two-toned pink French manicure

Put an updated twist on the classic French manicure with a dusty rose color and bright pink tips. This looks best with a slightly long and rounded nail, so you will want to grow yours out a bit if you usually keep them short. If you prefer a different colorway, just make sure your two picks contrast each other enough to stand out. For at-home French tips, you'll need a good top coat that dries quickly so that all your hard work doesn't smudge.