The Millennial Pink Hair Trend Is Back Again For Summer 2024

A new hair color for summer? Yes, please. Revamping your hairstyle is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reset your look with the changing seasons, and we love a bright, vibrant refresh to help us embrace the careless freedom of warm weather days. There are plenty of hair colors to invite summer into your aesthetic, from a honeyed hue to a charming strawberry blond. But does any shade scream for sunny breezes more than the warm, sepia-touched color of millennial pink?

Hold on. Millennial pink? What is this, 2011? Brace yourselves, because our favorite erstwhile color is due for a resurgence. In fact, millennial pink is being touted as a must-try hair color for summer 2024. Maybe this nostalgic revival is riding on the waves of 2023's "Barbie" pink obsession, or maybe its staying power is rooted in its versatility. Whatever the reason for this timely comeback, we're officially obsessed with millennial pink tresses — and all the different ways to wear them.

Millennial pink creates a sweet and summery ombré

Want to embrace color for your summer refresh, but don't want to struggle with constant upkeep? An ombré style is the answer. You can leave your roots lush and natural while sliding gradually into millennial pink at the ends, providing the best of both worlds: casual and breezy yet impactful. The ombré effect works especially well on medium to long haircuts, allowing plenty of length to move gradually from your natural shade to that summer-ready pop of pink.

An impish pixie cut pairs naturally with playful millennial pink

Short hairstyles are absolute winners for warm weather, whether you're sporting a classic pixie, a bixie, or a trendy, low-maintenance soft crop. And the sweet but not too sweet vibes of millennial pink add a dash of color that practically embodies the wistful nostalgia of summertime. Use the hue to soften a razor-sharp pixie style or to double down on a cute, coquettish silhouette.

Millennial pink is edgy yet feminine for alt-girl styles

Moody autumn might seem like peak alt-girl season, but don't count summer out. Warm weather provides the perfect chance to rock your favorite band tees, show off hidden tattoos, and lighten up your hairstyle with a flirty touch of millennial pink. This color creates a captivating juxtaposition with edgy fashion and hairstyles, playing up the meeting of hard and soft aesthetics. Try out millennial pink with jellyfish cuts, piecey mullets, shaved undercuts, or whatever wild look piques your fancy.

Millennial pink bangs create an ethereal look

If you love a face-framing style, the gentle color of millennial pink adds an enchanting airiness to even the thickest bangs. Pair the warm, desaturated hue with any type of fringe — curtain bangs, choppy bangs, feathered bangs, or even fearless micro bangs — to soften the look and add a touch of romance. Not sure which style to choose? Take a look at your bone structure. As it turns out, your face shape can help you find the perfect bangs.

Versatile millennial pink plays well in multicolored 'dos

Millennial pink is a stunning statement on its own, but you can also mix it with other colors to create some incredible styles. Consider accenting your base color with pink streaks and highlights, using millennial pink with other muted pastels to show off an understated rainbow effect, or adding lighter locks of white or pale blond around your face to brighten your overall beauty look.

Millennial pink is a whimsical addition to protective styles

Protective hairstyles are a necessary reality for many people, particularly those with delicate hair types — and especially in the extreme temperatures of summer or winter. These gorgeous techniques help reduce scalp stress and breakage, all while looking fantastic. And whether you're wearing dreads or braids for their benefits or their aesthetic, a dash of color can enliven the look even further. Millennial pink's bright but gentle hue makes it a perfect summertime complement to chunky dreadlocks, intricate box braids, or easygoing twists.