Tenniscore Is Coming For Hair Trends Now - Our Favorite Styles

Whether you're a pro or prefer to watch a match from the stands, the tennis girl aesthetic is a classic, timeless look that can be worn on and off the courts. These days, however, it's not just about the 'fits. Tenniscore has taken over the hair world and many fashionistas are serving looks (pun intended) with a chic braided ponytail or sporty headband. With Barbiecore in the distant past, this summer will be all about country club hair, which means sleek 'dos and preppy blunt bobs.

One thing to remember — tenniscore hair is not just about securing your hair into a high pony. Accessories are key to this look, so don't forget to jazz up your hairstyle with a cute bow or incorporate a ribbon into your French or Dutch braid. And there should be no messy flyaways either, so make sure you have a good hairspray. With Wimbledon and the U.S. Open happening over the summer, you'll have not one, but two occasions to rock the tenniscore hair trend, but we foresee this look being a grand slam all season long.

Keep hair out of your face with a headband

One of the simplest ways to rock the tenniscore hair trend is to wrap a headband around the front of your head. Choose one in a classic white color to go with the sport's crisp aesthetic. This method is great for those with short hair that can't be secured into a ponytail or anyone who prefers to wear their hair down.

A long braid with a bow at the base

Few tennis hair looks are as iconic as the ponytail braid. Anna Kournikova famously wore one during the U.S. open in 2011underneath a visor. More than a decade later, the look is hotter than ever, with Zendaya wearing the sporty style while promoting her tennis-centric movie "Challengers." You can recreate this look by pulling your hair back into a perfect power ponytail and then braiding it all the way to the end. Don't have hair long enough? You can always clip in some extensions and hide the evidence with a big floppy bow around the base of your pony.

A Dutch braid with a scrunchie on the bottom

Dutch braids are the perfect alternative to the classic style as it creates a three-dimensional effect on the back of the head. While you may be intimidated to tackle this style, Dutch braiding your hair is actually a breeze. Instead of crossing over the middle section as you would with a traditional braid, manipulate the three strands under each other. For extra flair, wrap an '80s-inspired scrunchie on the bottom in a pastel color like green that's perfect for the warm weather.

Top buns are a classic tenniscore look

For the ultimate chic tennis girl aesthetic, style your hair into a sleek top bun. This look is perfect for second-day hair, as there's no worry about having to deal with loose or frizzy ends. Plus, it'll have some texture and grip. If your hair feels too soft, give it a blast of dry shampoo. Pull your hair into a high ponytail, using a brush to smooth out any bumps. Next, create the bun by looping your hair around in a circular shape like a doughnut, and then tying the base with an elastic. You can also secure with bobby pins if you want it to stay in place. Make sure to get rid of any loose flyaways with some hairspray. Pair the look with a chic linen blazer for the ultimate off-duty tennis star look. 

Braided pigtails are cute, yet practical

Pigtails are not just for kids! The double ponytail style has a long history of being worn by tennis stars of decades past, including Beverly Baker Fleitz and Tracy Austin.

Create your own take on the look with two braided pigtails for a playful take on tenniscore hair. For a touch of sophistication, make a French braid and color-coordinate the color of your hair elastics with your tennis girl 'fit. Who says you can't be stylish while hitting the courts?

Pigtail buns are double the fun

What's better than one bun? Two, of course. If you like your hair completely out of your face but want something more playful than a ponytail, puffs is the style for you. Keep them near the nape of your neck if you want a more mature look, but we think having them high on the head is oh-so-playful. For added fun, wrap some long ribbons around the base of each puff and let them dangle. As long as they don't interfere with your face, you'll be game, set, and match.