The 'Cowgirl Copper' Color Trend Is Coming To Your Nails Thanks To Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has long had us in the grip of her effortless style influence, from '90s chocolate-brown manicures to glow-in-the-dark French tips, and now Hadid appears to be in her Western era — like many are thanks to Queen Bey's "Cowboy Carter" country album. Enter the "cowgirl copper" manicure, which shines just like a penny and has been making the rounds after Byrdie named it. Hadid wore the metallic hue on her nails at The American Performance Horseman by Teton Ridge at Globe Life Field on March 08, 2024, in Arlington, Texas. And thanks to the beauty icon, the nail color is likely to pop up everywhere as we get further into spring.

Hadid spoke on her beauty influence with humility, sharing with Harper's Bazaar in 2023, "It's flattering, of course, but I really can't take full credit for my looks since I take inspiration from so many different places. I'm kind of like a sponge like that, just soaking up everything around me at all times, so my looks are always a culmination of all of the influences I encounter through all walks of my life — on set, on the street, online. I like to switch up my look depending on how I'm feeling." Here's some inspiration for your next trendy Westerncore nail appointment: cowgirl copper.

Shining copper almond-shaped nails

The cowgirl copper manicure is a straightforward yet magnetic nail trend that'll complement any of your country-Western fashion choices. While Bella Hadid seems to prefer short and rounded nails, you can add an extra dose of chicness by opting for longer tips with an almond silhouette. 

Go for a deeper red copper

Bella Hadid's cowboy copper veers more towards a muted metallic shade than one with too much warmth or saturation. While her version is closer to rose gold than red, you can make this trend your own by going for a metallic copper hue with a red tint. Sterling silver is a country-Western classic when it comes to jewelry, but gold can also work beautifully when paired with this shade. Essentially, your copper manicure is as versatile as it can get when it comes to accessorizing. 

Play around with some copper nail art

Copper polish pairs wonderfully with other metallic shades, like gold, and if you're ready to try some abstract patterns and shapes, copper is a great polish to experiment with since it almost acts as a neutral. You could try gold leaf, black abstract shapes, or accent nails. And don't be afraid to incorporate some shimmer and shine with a little glitter.

Opt for luminescent glittery copper nails

Speaking of glitter, try a truly eye-catching polish that shimmers from every angle for a seriously celestial glow. While Bella Hadid's are less velvety, going the glitter route is another great way to make this trend your own. Not all celebrity manicures are easy to DIY at home, but luckily the cowgirl copper trend does not fall into that category. You can easily apply these glitter nails at home like a pro with a simple nail sponge. You'll be ready for the rodeo in no time.

Recreate Bella Hadid's mani with an orange tinge

"Copper" can describe so many tones, stretching from red to orange to brown, with shades of gold thrown into the mix, too. Bella Hadid's cowboy copper leans more towards a blushing pink sunset, but you can achieve a rustier bronze by going for a polish with more orange in it. These nails are ideal for any and all of your country-chic looks thanks to their horseshoe-esque hue!