The Biggest Denim Trends Of 2024

Buckle up, jean girls, because new denim trends are barreling toward us this year — in more ways than one. Whether in traditional, Americanized denim pants — think laidback cowboys and farm wear — or French-style, classy-casual denim, jeans never fail to make us feel good about our outfits. They're effortless without looking shabby, and while jeans don't tend to follow the same ultra-rapid cycling that other trends do, they still follow their own, albeit slower, journey in the fashion world.

So, what are the biggest denim trends of 2024? This year's bringing lots of staple pieces and reliable styles to the table. We're seeing much more of the timeless straight-leg cut, the always-cool dark wash denim, and the go-to comfort styles of baggy jeans and long jean shorts. Still, there will be one unexpected twist in the mix: Barrel jeans (sometimes known as horseshoe jeans) are everywhere this year — whether they're a passing fad or here to stay, though, only time will tell. So, without further ado, here are five trends to look out for this year and how to style them.

Black and dark-wash jeans

Never hesitate to incorporate some darkness into your weekly jeans rotation. While most people consider light-wash jeans the best for casual attire, we'd argue that dark-wash jeans are just as versatile. Plus, with a good dark wash (or black jeans), your outfits can go from day to evening with minimal accessorizing changes. Our best tip? When wearing dark-wash jeans, keep the rest of your outfit dark, too, for ultimate cohesion. Black or navy tops over dark jeans combine perfectly, and sleek, dark leather accessories — think shoes, bags, and belts — are always great final touches.

Baggy jeans

It seems like we jumped straight from skinny jeans to baggy jeans not that long ago (a hard fact to accept for many lovers of tight pants), but 2024 has even baggier jeans in store. And the truth is that their fit is so comfortable and spacious that few can complain. Plus, no jeans look cooler than baggy jeans styled to perfection. Effortless and airy, a pair of sufficiently loose jeans will give you the boyfriend jeans feel, but better. Pair them with dainty flats and form-fitting tops for some much-needed contrast, and you're ready to go.

Straight-leg jeans

Straight-leg jeans have been wardrobe staples for as long as jeans have been around. Yes, you might associate them most with modelesque figures and '90s fashion, but the great thing is that straight-leg jeans are universally flattering — and much more so than many other cuts (skinny jeans, for example). These jeans are so easy to style that you'll reach for them non-stop this year. Whether you wear them with T-shirts, button-down blouses, or even oversized sweaters, you're bound to feel like they complement your body and outfit alike. Then, just pair them with ballet flats or kitten heels for a classic look.

Barrel jeans

The barrel jeans trend isn't for everyone, especially those who favor classic shapes and timeless garments. In other words, unless you're ready and willing to take fashion risks this year, these pants may take time to grow on you — or they might never be to your liking. Still, divisive barrel jeans are the it-girl pants of the year, and you can tell by how people style them. Often seen paired with baby tees, narrow sunglasses, and popular shoes, it's hard to pin a single style on these jeans — other than trendy, that is.

Long jorts

Hot pants and micro-shorts are definitely one of last year's most beloved (and simultaneously hated) trends, but they could never dethrone long jean shorts, especially with the rise of the eclectic grandpa aesthetic. It might seem hard to style long jorts in flattering ways, but that's only if you're styling them wrong. Instead of going the Adam Sandler route (entirely baggy outfits), do the opposite. Baby tees, off-the-shoulder tops, or corsets help balance your silhouette. Keeping your accessories feminine will also help counteract the length and bagginess of your jorts.