The Astrological Meaning Of April 8's Solar Eclipse & How It Could Affect Your Zodiac Sign

A total solar eclipse is on its way — and poised for long visibility over a swath of the United States on April 8. If you're attending a viewing party, be sure to grab your safety glasses, but even if you aren't planning to take in the solar eclipse, this astronomical event could have a ripple effect on your life. After all, we're deep into eclipse season already, and its energies will only become more profound as we approach its culmination with the upcoming solar eclipse.

What's eclipse season, you ask? Eclipses may seem like one-time events, but they manifest in duos, with a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse occurring close together. This creates a period known as "eclipse season." We entered eclipse season on March 25 thanks to its lunar eclipse, and it kicked off a two-week period of astrological upheaval that will continue until we reach the solar eclipse on April 8. Pinned between the opposite signs of Libra and Aries, this eclipse season promises to rock our relationships with others and ourselves.

What's going on with this eclipse season?

The March 25 lunar eclipse ushered in the current eclipse season in Libra. Represented by the scales, Libra's energy emphasizes equilibrium and justice, and it began eclipse season with a focus on interpersonal relationships. Furthermore, this lunar eclipse happened on a full moon, which represents endings and a time for reflection and marks the potential for notable internal shifts.

Far from this pensive start, eclipse season will conclude with a solar eclipse in Aries, which promises big energy. Not only is Aries a feisty fire sign but it's also one of the zodiac's four cardinal signs — and the first sign in the zodiac overall. Embodying individuality, ambition, and proactive energy, this Aries solar eclipse contrasts the Libra lunar eclipse with a focus on the self. And because the solar eclipse is occurring on a new moon, which represents new beginnings, this energy could manifest in real-world changes.

Be warned: This eclipse season also overlaps with Mercury retrograde, which lasts from April 1 to April 24. In astrology, Mercury governs communication, and its retrograde can sow chaos in this arena — meaning anything from messed up travel plans and bungled documents to missteps in daily interactions. In short, this eclipse season has complex vibes, mostly centered around the push-pull between individual passions and connection to our social spheres. As astrologer Britten LaRue told Paper City, "The goal is to have more peace in relationships." So, how will it affect your sun sign?

How the solar eclipse will impact fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Because the solar eclipse is during Aries season, its cosmic energies will affect this fire sign the most. "Aries is bold, confident, and energetic, and known for being direct and honest in their communication," astrologer Emily Newman told Well + Good. However, the lunar eclipse's emotional pulls may have stirred up self-doubt about your role in current relationships. Now, the shift toward the solar eclipse offers an opportunity to center yourself. Take closure from the Libra full moon eclipse and forge a fresh start, letting your relationship with yourself reflect positively onto your relationships with others.

The other fire signs will also feel the burn of the Aries solar eclipse. For confident Leo, this period could provide a rare chance to acknowledge and heal some interpersonal wounds. If you found yourself lingering over past traumas and broken hearts following the lunar eclipse, now is the time to find acceptance and release before stepping into the powerful clean slate of the solar eclipse. Let go of old baggage to create mor

e room in your life for the relationships that best serve you.

Meanwhile, the lunar eclipse's cycle of completion and reflection has cleared a path for adventurous Sagittarius to plant new seeds. April 8's solar eclipse could be a springboard for hot romance, deepening existing partnerships, or significant interpersonal life changes — think promotions, new friendships, or even opening discussions about starting a family.

How the solar eclipse will impact earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Taurus likes to maintain the status quo, and it's easy for this loyal sign to make a habit of putting other people first. However, this eclipse season calls upon Taureans to make a change by evaluating the burden of their professional and personal relationships. As we move toward the solar eclipse, use the resulting insights to deemphasize unequal relationships, prioritize and revive meaningful ones, and empower yourself to take care of your own needs.

Virgos, the quintessential type-A personalities of the zodiac, can let their perfectionism make them a little judgmental. However, the juxtaposition of social and individual energies in this eclipse season allows Virgos to undertake some personal growth. Question your assumptions about people, weigh actual evidence against unfounded biases, and use the eclipse's transformative power to correct your mindset where necessary.

For hardworking Capricorn — another cardinal sign who will feel the eclipse strongly — this eclipse season's path from interpersonal contemplation to individual action will likely manifest in the workplace or important personal projects. "During this eclipse season, Capricorns will find new career paths opening up and might also discover inspiring role models," astrologer Evan Nathaniel Grim told Parade. Having considered yourself in relation to those around you, the solar eclipse is a chance to move forward with a strong sense of self-worth. Consider requesting a raise or promotion, exploring new job opportunities, redefining your work-life balance, or aligning yourself with a mentor. 

How the solar eclipse will impact air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Geminis are social butterflies, so they find plenty to think about when reflecting on their relationships. If you're a Gemini, consider paring down your network to the connections that matter most, including your connection to yourself. Use the solar eclipse's momentum to release social obligations that don't bring fulfillment, draw close to your best friends, and create space for self-discovery.

Libra, the lunar eclipse may have knocked you for an emotional loop. Plus, you're a cardinal sign who may feel the solar eclipse heavily. Libras are connected to social harmony, but this eclipse season, they should measure which peacekeeping behaviors help them thrive and which hold them back. Analyze moments when you hide your true feelings or let things slide that you shouldn't. Then, capitalize on the solar eclipse's fresh start by strengthening boundaries where necessary while letting others come closer.

Quirky Aquarians can get caught in the eddies of their busy minds, especially when external noise and obligations are involved. Sometimes, this results in confusion or stagnation. However, this eclipse season brings clarity and a readiness to act. If outside voices have been muddling your thoughts, use the individualizing energy of the solar eclipse to center yourself and reconnect with your intuition. Remember, authenticity is strength. As astrologer Alice Smith told People, "[Aquarians] defy conventions not because of a need to be contrary, but, rather, a need to be true to themselves."

How the solar eclipse will impact water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The last of our four cardinal signs, Cancer, may feel eclipse season's effects intensely. As the natural homebodies of the zodiac, protective and emotional Cancers should tend to their sanctuaries during this period. With an eye toward the interplay between your relationships and your safe space, focus on promoting balance and security in your home life — whether that means resolving tension with partners and housemates, balancing your work-life ratio, or even physically cleaning your home to remove unhappy reminders of defunct relationships.

Passionate Scorpio, meanwhile, has an opportunity to reconnect with personal pleasures. Use the wake of the lunar eclipse to identify stressors and social obligations that are standing in the way of your all-important me-time. Then, allow the energy of the solar eclipse in Aries to put your needs front and center. As astrologer Narayana Montúfar told USA Today, "Whenever a Scorpio wants something, they'll get it." Right now, you need a little self-care, Scorpio — so go get it.

Finally, how will sensitive Pisces weather eclipse season? Like Cancer and Scorpio, this water sign will be hit with a need to recharge. Pull out of your daydreams long enough to evaluate the emotional labor you undertake for the people around you, asking, "How much is too much?" During the solar eclipse, pull some of your generous energy inward. As they say, you can't pour from an empty cup.