Worst-Dressed Celebs Of The Week: March 29

Style isn't easy. In fact, it's more like a mine-filled landscape of highs and lows, especially for celebrities. One day, we can be cooing in delight over celebs' unexpected Met Gala ensembles, and the next, we're remembering the worst-dressed celebs in Oscars history. A lot of pressure is put on A-listers, B-listers, and beyond to look put together at all times. Moreover, they should be fashion-forward but not too fashion-forward, timeless but not cliché. In the end, fashion is both subjective and fluid. What inspires one person may be despised by another, and an outfit that slays at first blush could draw jeers down the line.

Of course, this understanding doesn't stop keen fashionistas from analyzing new celebrity looks from week to week. For better or worse, stars are always under scrutiny, whether performing a pop-up concert at Times Square or simply running everyday errands. We take cues from their successes and evaluate their missteps to figure out what went wrong. For instance, a few celebrities seriously stumbled in their fashion choices this week.

Rebecca Hall

Actor Rebecca Hall attempted a daring fashion statement at the March 25 red carpet premiere of "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" in Los Angeles, and she gets points for trying. But sometimes when you take a big swing, you get a big miss. Hall's avant-garde bra top, a Bode piece crafted from beading and silk, felt simply too quirky and editorial for the occasion. Styling it with stark, straight black pants didn't help, creating a jarring contrast. 

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello dropped by SiriusXM Studios on March 28 in a Miu Miu minidress that we wanted to love. The contrast between the menswear vibe of the vest-like top, the flirtiness of the short skirt, and the mod white belt held great potential and could have looked fantastic on the "My Oh My" singer. However, the garment's fit was off and muddied the silhouette. What should have been a sharply tailored piece instead looks awkward, providing no sleekness to offset Cabello's clunky knee-high boots. 

Julia Fox

Judging Julia Fox's ever-evolving fashion is tricky, as the actor intentionally pushes boundaries and upsets norms. More power to her, but that means some looks fail to land — like the intense, head-to-toe leather outfit that Fox debuted on March 28. Context is key — what does one wear to an awards ceremony for adult films — but we still have to call out the look's relentlessly one-note aesthetic. Everything in this look is hard, from the stiff leather coat to the sharp edges of her bag, with no softness to add intrigue. (The less said about those Vulcan eyebrows, the better.)


Shakira is, unquestionably, a queen. But the "Whenever, Wherever" singer failed to wow with her throwback look during a Times Square performance on March 26. From the chunky metallic accents on her black tank top to the dangling fringe and heavy chain necklace, the entire ensemble could have been ripped straight from Shakira's closet in 2008. Y2K fashion may still be hot in 2024 to a degree, but we're more interested in seeing the star's style evolution than watching her rehash old outfits.

Ishtar Currie-Wilson

Mesh looks are in style in 2024, so it's not too wild that actor Ishtar Currie-Wilson appeared in a mesh gown at the Los Angeles premiere of "The First Omen" on March 26. But the thickness and stiffness of her beaded shift created an awkward drape, which was only emphasized by the matte blockiness of her black undergarments. A centered slit up the back of the dress failed to add interest or movement, instead highlighting the weave's weight and rigidity. This look earns an A for concept but a C at most for execution.


Up-and-coming Latinx singer Erubey didn't shy away from sex appeal when choosing her ensemble for the March 27 premiere of "Música" in Miami. While bright, sensual Florida fashion certainly has its own sensibility, this look felt more distracting than alluring. The glitzy, oversized lapels of Erubey's neon pink blazer emphasized the plunging neckline, and the micro-mini hem gave onlookers no relief from the excess of bare skin. Ultimately, the outfit felt unbalanced. Pairing that deep vee with a long, fitted silhouette would have helped refine the look while keeping its edge.