6 Celebs That Have The Worst Style

Existing in the public eye as our favorite celebrities do certainly comes with its pitfalls — whether it's having your every move analyzed or knowing your less-than-flattering street-style moments will live forever on the Internet. But just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, style is also subjective, and first and foremost, a channel of personal expression. And yet, as much as we can appreciate and admire the hard work of artists and actors, there are some major fashion mishaps out there that we just can't seem to look away from.

Whether it's repeated head-scratchers at award shows or coffee run get-ups that have us internally cringing, style isn't necessarily a natural essence everyone has — even if you live in the limelight. While some celebs have undergone notable style transformations throughout their careers, others have remained somewhat stagnant, landing themselves places on worst-dressed lists. Here are six celebs whose sense of style leaves much to be desired. 

Camila Cabello misses the mark

With four Grammy nominations and a steady base of adoring fans, Camila Cabello has a lot to be proud of. And while the singer-songwriter radiates with beauty, her fashion choices have left admirers a tad, well, confused. "I hurt for Camila Cabello's outfits. I feel like whoever styles her just doesn't understand her body shape," one Reddit user wrote. It does, indeed, sting when there's so much potential for a beautiful star to completely stun, and yet we see her in an unflattering ensemble, like this beige and boxy getup at the 2024 Pegasus World Cup.

Kesha has us scratching our heads

The glittery goddess made quite an entrance back in the mid-2000s and has continued to move mountains with her art — as the devotion of her fans will prove. And while artists don't owe us a pleasing or palatable style, we can't help but feel a little dumbfounded by some of the looks Kesha has been seen in. Known for her grungy-pop style, somewhat dirty hair, and smoky eyes, Kesha's fashion sense can be hit or miss. Here she's seen out in Los Angeles in 2018, and while we love the graphic tee, the sequined mini-skirt and oversized square frames just aren't working for the pop star's street look.

Billie Eilish and the oddly tailored suits aren't working

This one is a bit painful to add to the list as Billie Eilish, who brought back vivid and colorful roots, has the voice of an angel and is much respected for her work as an original, true-to-herself artist. And we'll add that we appreciate anti-style style in its own right — but sometimes the ill-fitting ensembles she dons are distracting at best. Here, Eilish attends the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, lost in an oversized and oddly tailored suit.

Amy Schumer could make the cozy-chic look work, but doesn't

Amy Schumer knows how to make us laugh and is unapologetic in both her comedic career and personal style, and for that, we praise her greatly. Regardless, her fashion choices leave us majorly underwhelmed. We all love a good cozy and comfy moment, like the one Schumer seems to have been going for at LAX in 2015 — but the look can be achieved with an element of chic effortlessness and that's what we're desiring more of from Schumer, who could so easily pull off an intentional laid-back style. However, Schumer is also known for feeling comfortable in her own skin and challenging beauty standards, which we can very much get on board with.

Sydney Sweeney's looks come across as overly curated

While the actress has made big waves since her roles in "Euphoria" and "The White Lotus," Sydney Sweeney is an example of a celebrity who regularly stuns, yet doesn't seem to have a natural-born sense of style — however, this could simply be the result of a misaligned stylist. Her looks have been criticized for their lack of wearability and her tendency to appear overly put together, as if her perfect capsule wardrobe is just a little too perfect. "These are VERY curated," critiqued one Reddit user.

Snooki's style is a blast from the past

No list of worst-dressed celebs would be complete without the "Jersey Shore" reality star, Snooki. While she brings the entertainment and charisma in full force, her style choices have long been questionable — and seem to be frozen in the mid-2000s. "I miss the days when it was socially acceptable to dress like this ... " one Reddit user commented on Snooki's style. Here, Snooki attends MTV's Jersey Shore Family Vacation NYC Premiere Party at Hard Rock Hotel New York — not in 2010 as her look might suggest, but in 2023.