Beyoncé's Country Western-Inspired Nails Are So Easy To Recreate

Beyoncé fans everywhere are in their Western eras thanks to her new country album, "Cowboy Carter." To celebrate its March 29 release, Beyoncé indulged in a bit of country couture during a promotional video in which she flaunted her luscious Texas hair and her current go-to manicure: the "Texan French." The Western-inspired mani was designed and named by Los Angeles-based nail artist Miho Okawara, who added a Texan twist to the classic French mani by adding turquoise, silver, and gold rhinestone charms.

What's more, Queen Bey appears completely enamored with Okawara's turquoise-studded design, which the manicurist likely named in honor of Beyoncé hailing from Houston, as she's repeated the look at several events this year. For instance, fans first noticed the Texan French mani in a collection of Super Bowl photos shared on the star's Instagram. Then, she wore them while attending the Luar's February 13 New York Fashion Week show. And that's not all: Earlier this month, Bey rolled up to the Oscars with the same Texan French mani. 

Those rhinestone charms and immaculate French tips are quickly becoming a signature Beyoncé look, so we've compiled some straightforward tips to pull off the country-gliz look all "Cowboy Carter" season long.

Begin your Texan French with a nude base

French nails' beauty lies in their simplicity and versatility. An individual with short and natural nails can achieve the same elegant effect as someone with stiletto acrylics. As such, you don't need to learn how to apply fake nails if you're as excited as we are to try the "Texas Hold 'Em" singer's country-inspired French manicure. However, opting for acrylic or gel nails is a foolproof way to recreate this look.

Once you decide on the basics, it's time to shape your nails into the desired shape and build the foundation of the French manicure. To begin, file and mold your nails into almond-shaped tips to mimic the shape of Bey's nails. However, feel free to diverge here and opt for a different nail shape, such as square, squoval, or coffin. Next, swipe on a base coat and follow it up with a nude or pink polish. Beyoncé uses a subtle shade with a sheer gloss rather than an opaque, pink-toned nude.

Assemble your gems

We truly hate to break it to you, but painting the tips of your nails is the most tedious step in the French mani process, though we don't believe it takes away from the overall easy application. In fact, Gliz received the lowdown on an easy French manicure hack by a beauty expert, so you can skip the learning stage and approach this step with confidence. And if the DIY stencil trick still proves tricky, consider using the silicone sponge hack. After you settle on your preferred method, paint on the tips with a solid white polish and cure or dry your nails completely before proceeding. 

Now for the fun part: To prepare for the turquoise-blue decal, consider where you'd like to place it. Queen Bey's nail artist places the sparkly charms in the center, directly along the border of the white tip and nude base. As such, apply a dab of glue or resin to these spots and allow them to dry. Remember to buff the area before adding gel, as a top coat will make it difficult for the gel — and, therefore, the gem — to adhere to the nail. Use a wax-tipped nail tool to pick up the rhinestones and carefully press them into the glue before curing. Feel free to apply additional resin or gel along the edges of the gemstone to hold it in place. Finally, enjoy your new Beyoncé-approved Texan French nails!