The Stunning Style Transformation Of Alexandra Daddario

If you thought her character in "The White Lotus" was ultra chic, allow us to take you down the memory lane of Alexandra Daddario's fashion evolution. Today, Daddario is well-known in the world of glitz and gliz, but there is no denying that the star came a long and very fashionable way from her initial teen style. 

Along the way, Daddario has drawn inspiration from a few style icons we all admire. "I love Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie; they always have such a cool take on everything. Emily Ratajkowski too, her maternity style was amazing," she revealed to Harper's Bazaar in 2023. "These women really wear their clothes with such confidence. That's what makes clothes fit so well — when you feel confident, feel beautiful, and embrace who you are."

What makes Daddario — who has embraced the collaborative nature of fashion — stand out is that, for her, fashion isn't a competition; instead, it's something much more important. Her evolution clearly showcases just how much power she amasses from clothing pieces, which, to her, serve as a way to harness confidence. And that is something we can all take a page from.

2003-2006: Teen Alexandra Daddario is all about classy 2000s fashion

Ah, the early 2000s — a time of super low-rise jeans, bedazzled everything, and frosted, sticky lip gloss. Yet, amidst the fashion chaos of Y2K fashion, a young Alexandra Daddario emerged, giving us a dash of unexpected fashion simplicity and classiness. Making her television debut at just 16 by portraying Laurie Lewis on the soap opera "All My Children" in 2002, Daddario quickly caught the attention of the industry.

While her peers may have fully submerged in the mismatched trends of the early aughts, Daddario remained true to her simple and pulled-back style, which, frankly, was a true rarity in that era. "When I was a young actress coming from New York and didn't have much, my focus was getting auditions and wearing what I needed to for work and for being in character," Daddario revealed to Harper's Bazaar.

Even in her teen years, Daddario understood that true style is not about following trends — and looking back on what she rocked in the 2000s it's clear that she always preferred keeping things simple. However, the actor does acknowledge that the younger one is, the more influenced by trends they tend to be. "The thing is, style is really about what you love. When you're younger, you always wanna follow everyone," she told People in 2023.

2007-2009: Alexandra Daddario's fun red carpet fashion choices catch our eye

As Alexandra Daddario transitioned into the late 2000s, her presence on the red carpet became a lot more prominent, and she captured our attention with her youthful yet sophisticated fashion choices. Embracing the era's love for mini dresses, Daddario always ensured that her choices had subtle twists that elevated her look from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it was a classic little black dress embellished with edgy leather accents or a navy number with delicate frills, the star never failed to add a touch of fun to her outfits while still keeping it classy. 

In 2023, the star opened up to InStyle about the difficulties she faced in her career during this era. "For the majority of my twenties, no one was throwing offers at me," she candidly shared. "There's stuff I've done that people don't take super seriously, which is fine, but I've always taken my characters seriously, and so I've always found something in each project." And her dedication to her roles certainly mirrored her approach to fashion — thoughtful, timeless, and always infused with a hint of playfulness.

2010-2011: Alexandra Daddario is all about black outfits

Entering the big Hollywood scene with her breakout role as Annabeth Chase in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" in 2010, Alexandra Daddario began to embrace the spotlight even more. During this period, she gravitated towards black dresses, as their classic elegance was always a safe choice. Despite the simplicity of her color palette, the star's charisma was always evident, allowing her to shine on the red carpet no matter what. 

Reflecting on her approach to fashion, Daddario revealed that she loves rocking dark colors. "I'm from New York, so I'm big into dark colors," she told InStyle in 2014. "I'm also big into comfort. I think just feeling comfortable in your clothes and what you're wearing is what makes you feel beautiful." The star's fashion choices during this period certainly reflect the image of a young Hollywood star who wants the focus to be on her talent and not her extravagant clothing choices.

2012-2013: Alexandra Daddario gives bold colors a chance

Infusing more color into your wardrobe certainly isn't easy, but Alexandra Daddario stepped out of her comfort zone in 2012. Departing from her usual black fashion, the star slowly ventured into new territory by opting for eye-catching and bold hues that definitely made her the center of attention. This shift coincided with the star entering her late 20s and taking on more mainstream projects such as "Texas Chainsaw 3D" and "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters."

Now, Daddario was willing to explore new ways of self-expression and creativity, always ensuring she stayed true to herself. Even in her most funky and bold outfits, a certain simplicity could be found. "We all have different bodies and different things that we like, and something will look great on one person and not great on another person," she said to InStyle. "I think that you just have to go with your gut when it comes to fashion and makeup." And while plenty of women in the industry surely feel the pressure of constantly reinventing their style, Daddario explores new spheres of fashion while always staying true to herself.

2014-2015: Red lipstick becomes Alexandra Daddario's signature look

Red lipstick is always a good idea, and Alexandra Daddario couldn't agree more. During the mid-2010s, the star embraced the timeless beauty trend, and it soon became her signature look. "Go for a deep red," Daddario recommended to InStyle during the 2023 holiday season. "The deeper the red, the better. I have people help me pick out red lips sometimes for red carpets, and they'll show me three different shades, and I always go with the deepest red."

Whether attending red carpet events or gracing the pages of fashion magazines, Daddario consistently turned heads with her striking red lip, which she also frequently paired with bold red fashion. Of course, the Hollywood star's pristine makeup wouldn't be possible if she didn't take good care of her skin. "I always take my makeup off. Maybe once a year, I will forget or fall asleep on the couch before I manage to get ready for bed properly," she told Forbes in 2022.

2016: Alexandra Daddario opts for quirkier pieces

The more Alexandra Daddario found her spot in the industry, the more confident she became about exploring different aspects of fashion. In 2016, the actor began exploring quirkier apparel choices, and just like that, gone were the days of playing it safe with classic ensembles. Now, Daddario fearlessly explores various fashion territories, from edgy black mesh to girly florals.

When asked what she feels most confident in, Daddario told InStyle, "It depends. I love to put on a gorgeous dress or a really fun sequin dress. I love to get dressed up, but when I'm on my own, I'll tuck a button-up into sweatpants or jeans and then put a lot of jewelry on. I really like to be sort of cozy." This eclectic mix of high fashion and casual comfort showcases the star's style philosophy, emphasizing how important it is for her to embrace glizour and authenticity equally. Reflecting on her fashion evolution, Daddario shared with People, "As I've gotten older, I've really been able to embrace what I feel great in, and that's really cool. It took me a long time to get comfortable doing that."

2017-2018: Alexandra Daddario says goodbye to pretty and embraces edgy

Alexandra Daddario kicked off her 30s with a noticeable style change as she embraced a lot more edginess with fashion. The actor revamped her fashion persona, and now she was all about daring choices, including sheer, ethereal materials and avant-garde silhouettes that unapologetically showcased her confidence.

Shedding the constraints of what traditional prettiness used to be, Daddario fearlessly showed everyone a newfound sense of empowerment on the red carpet. "I feel more comfortable in my skin, I feel more comfortable with what I put on, and I feel more comfortable with my choices," she confided to InStyle, reflecting on her evolving style journey. "[When I was younger], sometimes the only time I didn't feel self-conscious was when I was acting." Luckily, that changed. "I love getting dressed up. You feel like a princess for a night," she told People in 2017. "It's fun to play and try new things to help you feel like a different person from the everyday." However, even though she became braver in her fashion choices for industry events, the star remained casual in her everyday life. "In my normal life, when I'm not working, I'm very much a t-shirt, jeans, even sweatpants girl," she added. "I've been known to wear bedroom slippers outside."

2019: Alexandra Daddario becomes a full-blown fashionista

In 2019, Alexandra Daddario ascended to the ranks of full-blown fashionistas, solidifying her status as one of the more stylish actors in the entertainment industry. With her presence gracing the front rows of esteemed fashion shows like Tory Burch, Daddario solidified her status as someone who is not only known in Hollywood but also in the fashion industry.

However, the star has been open about the fact that behind her impeccable style is a team of talented stylists who play a major role in helping her curate her wardrobe. "I leave that to the professionals! I learn from other people — those who have been doing makeup, hair, and fashion for their entire careers have a lot to teach me," Daddario admitted to Harper's Bazaar. "Sometimes, I'll have a slight opinion and feeling about what's right, but I've learned a lot from the people I work with and love their input." And there is no doubt that Daddario's trust in her stylists is precisely what helped her reach the status of someone the fashion industry adores.

2020-2021: Alexandra Daddario isn't afraid of showing off different facets of her style

2020 and 2021 were globally marked by the coronavirus pandemic, and Alexandra Daddario found her own way of coping with the challenging times. "Yoga helped once the studios opened again, but the people I love were my medicine," she told Forbes. "I was lucky to have such wonderful people around me; we lifted each other up when times got tough. That and accepting that you're not always going to feel good, and that's ok."

Throughout this period — when industry events were few and socially distant — the actor fearlessly explored diverse facets of her style, allowing herself to have as much fun with fashion as she wanted. Almost two decades after entering the industry, the star's style transformation is undeniable. Her role in HBO's hit show "The White Lotus" catapulted her into the mainstream spotlight, amplifying her influence as a style icon even more. "As I get older, I'm embracing what I love and feel good in, and am really coming into my own," she confided to Harper's Bazaar, shedding light on her journey of self-discovery and fashion exploration. "Part of that is growing up and coming into your own in different ways; with fashion I'm dressing more for myself and for where I am in my life. It's evolved a great deal since I was in my 20s."

2022: Alexandra Daddario puts her own twist on the classic gliz and Y2K combo

With the resurgence of early aughts fashion in the early 2020s, Alexandra Daddario managed to perfectly blend the classic gliz she is known for with a nostalgic nod to Y2K fashion. Embracing the era's iconic sparkly dresses and playful spikey buns, the actor incorporated elements from her teenage years into the fashion repertoire of her 30s.

However, it was her show-stopping Dior dress at the 2022 Emmys that became the star's biggest fashion moment of the year. Nominated for outstanding supporting actress for her role in "The White Lotus," Daddario's red carpet moment was the perfect celebration of her career's pivotal milestone. Reflecting on the significance of her look, she reminisced, "Getting nominated for an Emmy was such a huge moment for me in my career — I still remember getting up on the stage when "The White Lotus" won," she told Harper's Bazaar. "It was a very special moment, so it was a very special dress. It was that perfect combination of effortless and fun, sexy and sophisticated. To get to wear the perfect dress for this pivotal moment for me in my career was really special."

Beyond fashion, Daddario became a vocal advocate for women's empowerment in Hollywood, fighting for greater representation and inclusivity. "There's been a huge shift [in Hollywood] as far as how we want to portray women, the number of women working behind the scenes, the number of leading roles for women is increasing," Daddario explained to InStyle. In 2022, Alexandra Daddario's fashion evolution mirrored her commitment to authenticity and advocacy, and it was clear that she had become not only a star who had found her style but also her voice.

2023: Alexandra Daddario gets the invite to fashion's biggest night

In 2023, Alexandra Daddario received the coveted invitation to fashion's biggest event of the year — the Met Gala. Stepping onto the iconic red carpet, she looked incredible in a breathtaking Dior gown. As she prepared for the event, Daddario shared her excitement for the entire look. "For my makeup today, we were inspired by the really delicate and gorgeous beading of the dress. And it has this gentle, shifting color — and I think we really played with that with the makeup," Daddario said in a video while getting ready for the event (via Christian Dior).

2023 also marked her ambassadorship with Dior, and she expressed gratitude for the opportunity to align herself with a brand she deeply admires. "There's something so sophisticated yet sensuous about Dior, which I love," she told Vogue. "When you put on their clothes, you feel both powerful and sexy; it's the perfect combination of everything that you want to feel when you wear something — to feel like the best version of yourself."

2024-present: Alexandra Daddario goes back to classic fashion but makes it feel contemporary

Despite her status as a fashion muse, Daddario's approach to style remains simple. "It's about feeling the best version of myself," she shared with Harper's Bazaar. "When you put on the perfect dress or outfit, it feels like being in love and it makes you feel like your best self." While fashion may seem trivial for some, Daddario keeps voicing just how much of an impact the right piece of clothing can have on our confidence, no matter what sphere of life we're talking about. 

"How you feel is so important; it's an art form to be confident. Feeling and presenting your best self has great ramifications ... It's a real part of our identities; as far as we wear our hair or makeup — this self-expression is so important. Fashion is an art and is all about creativity. It's a really important thing," she told the outlet. And here at Gliz, we simply couldn't agree more. Alexandra Daddario has grown into a style icon in front of our eyes, and her approach to fashion is sure to inspire many.