Signs Kate Middleton & Prince William's Relationship Is Stronger Than Ever Amid Cancer Diagnosis

On Friday, March 22, 2024, Catherine, Princess of Wales, released a video via social media to announce her recent cancer diagnosis. Initial rumors concerning her health circulated following the news of a planned abdominal surgery in January. While the surgery was successful, subsequent tests revealed the presence of cancer, though the type of cancer has yet to be disclosed, which explains her disappearance from the public eye in the last few months. Despite the disheartening news, the public can rest assured that Kate's family remains by her side. Of course, her husband, Prince William of Wales, is the most notable example, and he's demonstrated his support from the beginning.

For instance, during Kate's video statement, in which she appeared with her signature bouncy blowout and a candid, makeup-free look, the princess expressed how William has provided ample solace during this time. "This, of course, came as a huge shock," she says in the video, "and William and I have been doing everything we can to process and manage this privately for the sake of our young family."

Kate also revealed that she's undergoing a preventative chemotherapy treatment and expressed her wish for "time, space, and privacy" as her family adjusts to the news. Throughout the ordeal, William has consistently shown support by stepping up with family duties, even going as far as to postpone royal engagements as Kate healed from surgery.

William skipped a memorial to remain with Kate

Earlier this year, Prince William suddenly announced that he was unable to attend the memorial for his godfather, King Constantine II of Greece, who was buried in Tatoi on February 27, 2024. William's godfather, who was King Charles' second cousin, passed away on January 10, 2023, in Athens after suffering a stroke and consequently receiving intensive care. The memorial was held at St. George's Chapel in Windsor, the same town where the Prince and Princess of Wales reside; however, on the day of the event, William excused himself from attending, and the palace released a statement citing a "personal matter" as his explanation.

We now know William missed the memorial service due to Kate's health. "Kate went in for abdominal surgery and then they found out she had cancer," a source told Us Weekly. "The day the family found out was the day William canceled going to the memorial of his godfather King Constantine of Greece." The prince's decision to be there for Kate after the cancer diagnosis is telling, as it sheds light on his priorities and the weight he places on his relationship with Kate.

Kate and William prioritize their children

First and foremost, the Prince and Princess of Wales are parents, and, as they navigate Kate's condition, they've demonstrated a joint effort to continue supporting their children — George, Charlotte, and Louis — as best as possible. For instance, in light of Kate's recovery from surgery and ongoing chemotherapy treatment, William has stepped up to care for the kids and has gone so far in his efforts as to be labeled a "modern dad," royal expert Robert Hardman told Us Weekly.

"In years gone by, if a senior member of the [royal] family was ill, their spouse would not drop everything. They'd carry on, and the children would be left with the nanny or nannies. And this time, Prince William has made a very conscious decision he's going to step back from his duties," Hardman further explained to Us Weekly. "He's putting the family first, and he's doing that for a very specific reason."

By doing so, Prince William has shown immense devotion to his family. His increased efforts to spend time with the children and collective decision to break the news to them during their Easter break proves their willingness to uphold a standard of normalcy — as realistically as possible given their royal status, that is.

William is determined to remain close by Kate

Despite his return to the public eye, William and Kate still find time to enjoy each others' company as Kate undergoes chemotherapy. For instance, the pair was seen together at the Windsor Farm Shop on March 16, 2024, just six days before Kate announced her cancer diagnosis on social media. "Kate looked happy and relaxed," eyewitness Nelson Silva told TMZ. "They look happy just to be able to go to a shop and mingle. Kate looked relieved like it was a success going to a shop. It felt natural."

As stressful as recent events have been for the couple, the two appeared to be in good spirits while walking out of the shop, bags in hand. Onlookers agree that the prince and princess looked happy to be out in public together after the whirlwind of rumors and gossip surrounding Kate's sudden disappearance post-operation.

William's prioritized family by postponing royal appointments

As Prince William and Princess Catherine of Wales cope with their shift in priorities, the royals have had to step down from attending official engagements to dedicate more time to their family. For instance, in addition to skipping his godfather's funeral to be by Kate's side, William postponed multiple royal appointments to support his wife and children. He chose not to partake in his royal duties while Kate recovered from surgery and remained by her bedside even after she continued her recovery in their Windsor home. A source told Us Weekly that Kate reportedly spent her hospital stay "resting up and enjoying lots of visits from Prince William and the kids."

Moreover, William's last official appearance was several days before the palace announced Kate's surgery. In all likelihood, the Prince deliberately scheduled his time around the operation to maximize their time together. That said, William has since resumed official duties, effective February 7, 2024.

William braves royal duties solo to let Kate rest

While Kate Middleton appears to be on the mend and seems well enough to venture out for short periods while undergoing treatment, the palace has yet to confirm the date of Kate's official return to royal duties. As such, Prince William has carried on with some royal appointments on his own. For example, he took his father's stead, as King Charles III recovers from his own health issues, by hosting an event at Windsor Castle on February 7, 2024, to bestow a number of notable folks with royal honors.

Additionally, William attended the 2024 British Academy Film Awards two weeks later. In a conversation with Elaine Bedell, chief executive of the Southbank Centre, he apologized for Kate being unable to attend and made a good-natured comment about her love for the BAFTAs. "I remember last year about the films that you'd watched," Bedell responded to his comment. "All the ones I watch, she watches with me," William replied. "So we go through it carefully." That said, the prince added that he's seen fewer films than usual this year due to having "a lot on [his] mind."

Ultimately, as the couple faces the trials of Kate's recovery from major surgery and ongoing chemotherapy treatment, the pair continues to prioritize their relationship and family, albeit privately and in royal fashion.