Unique Lipstick Placement Is Spring 2024's Most Artistic Trend

Taking your makeup artistry to the next level with abstract strokes and unexpected application, unique lipstick placement will have you fully in bloom this spring. While you may feel more apt to play around with your eyeliner when it comes to unusual makeup techniques, the lips are just as expansive of a palette for your creative energy. Reaching beyond classic shades of red, this unique lipstick placement trend incorporates unconventional hues that might mimic some of the colors of spring. Think lavender, pale blue, and even soft yellow or orange. 

"Splashes of color were seen on the runway in Fashion Week, and it showed it could be done in a way that isn't intimidating and can be fun," L'Oréal Paris League of Experts celebrity makeup artist, Allan Avendaño, told Refinery29. And don't hesitate to incorporate your favorite lip liners into the artistic process to create fine lines and sharp shapes in addition to blurred, glossy lips.

Create a popsicle effect with bold hues

Experiment with this abstract trend by trying out a two-tone lip color that emulates a summer day, more specifically: post-popsicle lips. This look is similar to an ombre lip color, only you have the creative freedom to let your color move and mesh, more like a watercolor image. You'll want to choose hues of the same family to get the glistening effect, like in the image above.

Unusual shapes wow with this trend

From eyes to cheeks, abstract beauty looks are the trend to try in 2024 and this doesn't necessarily mean you have to go super bold. The trend can be worn in a more subtle and chic manner, like a nude lip paired with an unusual lip liner shape. Bonus points for a fun color like tangerine.

Don't let yourself be boxed in

On the other hand, if you aren't intimidated by a bright and bold lip, then unique lipstick placement will take your vision even further. Try contrasting double-toned lips with a geometric edge to really make heads turn this spring. A minimal and understated face of makeup paired with a lip design like this will create a beautiful balance.

Disconnected lip liner takes the trend to a new level

Letting your creative skill take center stage, a beautifully disconnected lip liner placed outside of your natural lips is a work of art all on its own. You'll want to utilize any eyeliner techniques you've perfected, like negative space eyeliner, to create the perfect soft and wispy wing on either side of your mouth.

Try your hand at creating new shapes

Creating illusions with the help of some concealer is another route through which to explore the unique lipstick placement trend. Try using a stiff, square brush to mimic a look like the one shown in the photo above. These bold lines sync up beautifully to give the illusion of a different lip shape.