Lace Nails Are The Sweetest Coquette Manicure Trend For Spring 2024

Calling all coquette fans: Romantic, lace-inspired nail art is here to elevate your mani style for spring. The coquette trend, which emphasizes super-frilly embellishments like ribbons and bows, is a playful yet empowering way for fashionistas to own their femininity any time of year. Still, its feminine vibes are a particularly perfect match for fresh spring days, and nothing embodies this aesthetic more than lace. So, why not bring this coquettish fabric into your next manicure?

You can use various nail designs to artfully embody the coquette aesthetic, but lace manicures hit all the high notes, exuding detail, versatility, and charm. Lace is naturally captivating, and lace designs can be tailored to suit many styles, nail lengths, and color palettes. It's no wonder this look is trending, even appearing on major runways, like the spring/summer 2024 show from PatBO. Whether you choose a style that features lacy nail stamps, hand-painted lace details, or actual snippets of lace fabric, there are so many ways to include lace in your nail art this spring.

Classic white lace nails

Is there anything more feminine than timeless white lace? From lace-trimmed frocks to intricate wedding gowns, white lace is an iconic bastion of womanhood. So, if flirty coquette vibes are your goal, white lace designs should be a top choice for your manicures this spring. After months of gray, cold weather, airy white lace designs welcome sunny days and warm winds. Better yet, white lace nails pair with everything from simple sundresses to formal ensembles, offering great versatility.

Lace accent nails

An understated manicure can help keep things breezy in springtime — but understated doesn't have to mean boring. Add a lacy accent nail to your minimalist manicure to gently sneak some texture and contrast into the style. Note that this looks especially elegant if the lace pattern is slightly raised. As for your color palette, classic neutral tones like khaki, taupe, or dusty rose always please. For something a little more seasonal, you can add warmth with the orange undertones of a peach fuzz manicure.

Chic black lace nails

Clean, white nails may go hand in hand with bright spring days, but what if that's just not you? Black lace nails are a fantastic way to sneak a moodier tone into your coquettish manicure without overwhelming the girly romance of the look. For peak balance and delicacy, let your lacy black nails play with negative space and intricate designs. Giving the dark color some space to breathe will help keep your black lace nails sophisticated and appropriate for every season.

Lacy in red

Taking your lace nails in a colorful direction lets you personalize the look in a big way. Want something cute but bold? Intense red nails make a huge statement. Want to serve quintessential spring vibes? A rainbow of pastel hues would be absolutely adorable with lace detailing. Or, if you're an on-trend fashionista, consider trying lace nails in sky blue, the official color of spring fashion in 2024.

Metallic lace details

Whether you prefer greeting springtime with stark white nails, cozy neutrals, or colors worthy of a garden in bloom, lace detailing in metallic shades will help your nail art pop. Pair your base hue with gorgeous gold, silver, or rose gold accents to adjust your manicure's temperature and instill a glizorous sheen. Bonus points if you choose details with texture and depth, as 3-D metallic designs are one of spring 2024's hottest nail art trends.

Glitzy, embellished lace nails

There's no rule saying that your sweet, lacy nails can't also serve a little drama. Turn up the volume on your lace manicure by adding some extra bling to the look. Eye-catching ornaments like beads, pearls, and gemstones add both three-dimensionality and shine. When in doubt, extra length and unusual nail shapes can also enhance the opulent effect, so don't be afraid to explore over-the-top combinations outside your norm.