Yellow Chrome Nails: The Brightest Spring 2024 Manicure Trend

The sun is finally out and providing extra warmth, and the best way to greet it is with a glittering yellow manicure. This chromatic look is a high-shine take on classic pastel yellow nails — similar to Hailey Bieber's buttercup manicure from spring 2023 — but involves a sprinkling of chrome powder on top of a gel or regular polish to produce a metallic sheen.

As manicures evolve with more maximalist features to rival the ever-popular minimal trend, you can expect to see more babes leaving the salon with this glazed yellow look. This yellow chrome manicure even offers a bit of both worlds, as you can adapt this iridescent manicure to make it as dainty or bold as you'd like by playing around with different polishes and patterns. For instance, you can branch out with unique shades of yellow, such as neon lemon zest nails, or a subtle beige base with a vanilla chrome coating for a softer finish. But before you overwhelm yourself with ideas, refer to these nail designs to help you decide which look to try first.

Chrome nails with a royal gold base coat

Those wanting to add a bit of je ne sais quoi to their manicures this spring should consider a warm, yellow-gold polish at their next salon appointment. Adding a chrome finish to royal yellow nails is a foolproof way to pull off the chrome look while standing out from other trendy manicure girlies.

Chromatic French tips for the minimalists

Although some may consider yellow chrome nails a strictly maximalist trend, we would have you believe otherwise. You can certainly take part in this mirror-glaze manicure by asking for French tips instead of a solid yellow polish. If you're feeling especially daring, consider asking for a neon French manicure or colorful pastel tips to make your nails pop.

Treat yourself to sorbet yellow nails

You can never go wrong with sorbet nails, and a creamy yellow sorbet manicure is no exception. Ask your manicurist for a limoncello polish with a generous coating of chrome powder for a pearly dew-drop effect that will sparkle in the sun. This particular shade of yellow also looks flattering on all skin types and nail shapes, so if you're giving your nails a break from acrylics, this look is for you.

Stay on theme with sweet spring designs

Spring is the season to indulge your whimsical nature, so go for a bright and playful manicure this year. For instance, adorn your nails with sweet floral patterns, funky spirals, or tasty citrus-themed designs. Don't be afraid to combine multiple colors, including lemon yellow, classic white, or pastel blue.

Tone down the yellow with a warm polish

Bright colors aren't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't join the yellow manicure craze. If neon yellow makes you cringe, steer toward a warmer shade. For instance, combine citrus colors by selecting a yellow polish with a subtle orange tinge. As long as you embellish with a chrome finish, no one will blame you if the final product looks closer to peach fuzz than yellow.