Ballet Shrugs: The Latest Girlcore Trend Proving Slippers Were Only The Beginning

From pink bows and dainty frills to silk wrap skirts and delicate flats, the balletcore fashion trend continues to whisk us away with its soft, demure versatility. Having much in common with the girlcore trend (the go-to aesthetic of 2024), elements of balletcore, like bolero shrugs, offer an approachable foot into the seemingly untouchable world of the ballerina. "I think there's this desire for people to want to tap into the fantasy of ballet," Milan-based fashion designer Caroline Reznik told Refinery29. "But they also see the off-duty ballet dancer as being something that can be adapted into their own wardrobe because of the functionality that comes with it."

You can achieve this off-duty ballerina vibe through sleek buns, leg warmers, and, of course, ballet shrugs. Easily styled with wide-leg jeans or spaghetti-strap dresses, this girlcore trend has an element of artistry and effortlessness that'll have you gracefully spinning and turning everywhere you go.

Mix and match textiles for added dimension

You'll likely encounter tons of crochet and knit boleros and ballet shrugs in your hunt for one, making the trend extra cozy. These will also give you a fun opportunity to mix and match textiles, like a knit bolero with a silk cami underneath. There's plenty of room to get creative with this girlcore trend, letting you customize the trend according to your style and comfort.

Pair with denim for a casual ballerina look

Aptly named for its shoulder-hugging shape, the ballet shrug is dainty and feminine, transforming just about any outfit into an off-duty ballerina aesthetic. When paired with loose-fitting jeans and a tube top or a tank, it's the perfect transition into the girlcore trend. And don't forget to experiment with a ballerina bun, whether messy or sleek — totally up to you.

Double up on balletcore gear for the full ballerina vibe

A ballet shrug and cozy, chunky leg warmers? It doesn't get any more balletcore than that. The perfect casual weekend ensemble, incorporating several balletcore elements into your look might overwhelm some, but with the right balance, you'll be right on trend –- not to mention as cozy as possible.

Tight and sleek ballet shrugs for synchronicity

For a more versatile look, try a tight, black ballet shrug. The perfect piece to add dimension to your outfit without overpowering or covering up your look, the bolero is delicate in all the right ways. Pair it with a spaghetti strap tank top of the same color for perfect cohesion.

Bold colors make the trend your own

To stay within the girlcore realm but elevate your look further, try a hot pink ballet shrug over a black tank top (grab a woven or knit one for additional texture). And what could be more girlcore than a soft pink hair bow? Experimenting with multiple facets of the ballerina aesthetic truly takes this look over the top in the best way.