Deconstructed Looks Are Fashion's Biggest 2024 Trend

In February 2024, all the major Italian fashion houses revealed their designs at the Fall 2024/Winter 2025 Milan Fashion Week — most notably Moschino, Fendi, and Aniye Records, who introduced the latest wave of trends for the year. According to the top designers, deconstructed looks are taking center stage, conveyed through a series of unconventional details such as unbuttoned bodysuits and unclipped garter belts. These "undone" elements add a new dimension to static designs, ushering in a new era of imperfect sophistication.

The step away from sharp lines and perfectly put-together womenswear encourages a sense of freedom and individuality that goes against the status quo. This style functions as a form of rebellion that aligns with modern, untraditional values. Regardless of aesthetic or occasion, we can't wait to see how 2024 trends incorporate these subtle touches of imperfection and fluidity into an otherwise polished or rigid silhouette. Consider these styling tips to get ahead of the game before the deconstructed look takes to the shelves.

'Fits that are frayed around the edges

One of the prevalent designs seen on the runway involved outfits with trailing strips of fabric and ties. The frayed, undone look of untied ribbons or belts stays true to the deconstructed theme and leaves a carefree impression when paired with more structured pieces such as a blazer or A-line skirt.

Unclipped suspenders are reminiscent of punk style

At 2024 Paris Fashion Week, which ended in March 2024, guests observed an upgraded version of classic grunge beauty trends, including dark eyeshadow, choppy hairstyles, and deep lip colors. This grunge revival has arrived just in time to style with punk details, such as unclipped suspenders and garter belts. For instance, tailored vests introduce workwear silhouettes to casual outfits, while adding a suspender belt detail gives it a mature and trendy touch-up. 

Accessorize with ties

Fans of "RuPaul's Drag Race" may recall Nymphia Wind's iconic tie-centric design from Season 16. This led some to believe Wind predicted ties as one of winter 2024's biggest accessory trends after Moschino introduced its tie-heavy runway collection shortly after. To pull off the look, toss a patterned tie around your neck — but keep it undone for a casual, laissez-faire vibe.

Embrace distressed silhouettes

As 2024 brings an ethereal upgrade to the sheer trend, you can expect to see an increase in distressed pieces with cut-out elements. The key to wearing sheer designs while retaining a mature feel is to look for garments, such as bodysuits, with skin-tight mesh fabrics. Avoid overly distressed hemlines unless you plan to wear them as statement pieces.

Layer wispy fabrics with corset belts

In 2024, we're finally saying goodbye to the whimsical spring cottagecore trend and welcoming a more stylish alternative. Instead of the structured floral sundresses, reach for loose-tiered dresses with dramatic ruffles and puffed sleeves. Layer the dress with a corset top, but avoid tying it too tightly across the waist to create an incomplete, undone ensemble. If you wear a dress with a straight cut, keep the corset untied to visually break up the outfit and achieve the deconstructed effect.