Peach Fuzz Nails Are The 2024 Color Trend For Sweet, Minimalist Manicures

The Pantone Color Institute's official color of the year is making its way across the fashion world, and spring nail trends prove no exception. Expect to see an uptick of peach fuzz manicures this year — an intentionally chosen color that inspires rest and recalibration. Peach fuzz describes a unique shade that bounces between peach and orange but leans toward a pastel hue that feels gentle and nurturing.

However, the orange notes in this juicy shade give peach fuzz some leeway in terms of versatility, which makes it the perfect color choice for your next mani and pedi. In other words, the nail trend for this season focuses on simple and sweet manicures to align with the healing theme of 2024, but don't hesitate to get creative and push the borders of this warm tone to find the shade that suits your spring vibe. Brace yourself for the peach obsession and indulge in peaches-and-cream polish with these manicure ideas.

Add some sparkle to your spring nails

Sparkly nails are always a cute look for a mani-pedi combo and look fabulous whenever the sun is out. Ask your nail expert for a rich Fanta pop orange if you love wearing bold colors, or a pastel peach to stay true to the soft peach fuzz shade.

Opt for a solid pastel peach manicure

Pastel colors are a timeless spring trend that never disappoints and makes for the perfect minimal manicure. You can't go wrong with delicate pastel peach nails, as peach fuzz suits all skin tones and nail shapes. Don't be surprised if this becomes the go-to look for all the minimalist girlies.

Subtle gradient manicures for minimalists

Another petal-soft manicure idea that is sure to impress dedicated minimalists is this delicious peaches-and-cream shade. These nails are a peachy alternative to classic baby boomer nails, though they still introduce more of that pinky tone that traditional peach fuzz doesn't have. Opt for matte gradient nails or apply a sparkly peach-pink base coat underneath the orange for a more gentle ombré effect.

Play around with colorful sorbet nails

Don't sweat it if the delicate shades of peach aren't appealing to you. Adapt the peach fuzz nail trend to suit your preference by combining various shades of peach, pink, and orange. Get creative with multi-colored designs and gold accents. For instance, swipe on a juicy sorbet peach and a bold summer orange to express your love for all things spring.

Mix it up by adding a touch of maximalism

For those who prefer bold, maximalist nails, rest assured that the peach fuzz trend is anything but boring. For a bright and playful spring manicure, ask for pretty floral designs, psychedelic swirls, and sparkly gems. Increase the volume with louder shades and unconventional patterns by asking for funky nail color combos like blue, peach, and orange.