Sheer Nails Are Spring 2024's Most Understated Manicure Trend

Not much feels as chic and clean as an understated, minimalist manicure, and as the buds are blossoming this spring, sheer nails are also in bloom. The ultra-glossy, pale manicure is timeless in its effortlessness and somehow also says a lot with its "barely there" attitude. Much like the no-makeup makeup trend, sheer nails elevate a natural look, highlighting shape and tone in an elegant and unadorned way. "The delicate and sophisticated look is akin to a natural manicure with a glossy, gel-like finish," JinSoon Choi, a New York City-based editorial nail artist, told Allure.

Of course, sheer nails can also be daintily embellished and still be on trend this spring with delicate nail art, subtle gold flakes, soft gems, and luminescent glints. The trend is about reserved simplicity and the hushed pinks and whites make the manicure a great double dip into 2024's ultra-feminine girlcore trend. Essentially, you'll lead the way in understated style — with minimal effort — thanks to this manicure trend and a touch of sheer luck.

Ultra-long sheer blush nails that wow

Bringing an edge to the trend with statement-making length, sheer blush nails are a trendy take on the minimalist manicure. These nails are sure to turn heads with their soft allure and if you feel a bit underdressed when donning the sheer nail trend, length can be a major gamechanger. "If I were to choose one color to wear for the rest of my life, it would be this," one Instagram user said of the subtle, nude tone.

Sheer neutrals with a hint of gold that shines

Taking golden hour nails to new heights, subtle gold leaf is a dainty addition to the understated sheer manicure trend of 2024. Still neutral in the best of ways, these nails glint with the perfect touch of shimmer to elevate your minimalist manicure. Ask for a sheer, milky base hue the next time you're in the nail salon to replicate this darling trend.

Sheer rosy hues that elevate

An understated, sheer polish makes for the perfect subtle iteration of a French manicure — ideal for any minimalism lover. With just a hint of rosy pink, this sheer hue brings a romantic air to the season that seems all too fitting. Be sure to ask for a sheer, barely-there polish to really emulate the style.

Sheer white makes for a truly ethereal moment

Perfectly fit for a bride, sheer white nails with subtle, intentionally placed gems make for an epically ethereal set of nails. There's still room to play when it comes to this understated manicure trend in terms of nail shape and length, so don't hesitate to go for tips or an unusual shape you don't normally wear.

Opalescent sheers are basically irresistible

Opalescent with hints of mermaidcore, a sheer, pearly white manicure can carry the look right into summer. Delicate and iridescent, this take on the trend emulates the milky, glazed craze in the best way. Try pairing this manicure with dainty jewelry to best let it stand in its own captivating glow.