Blue, Peach, & Orange: The Bold Manicure Combo You've Been Looking For

It seems nearly impossible to find daring, vividly colored nail designs with all the subdued trends floating around social media these days. The clean girl aesthetic demands mannequin nails and sheer nude nail polish, and the coquette aesthetic will allow you to experiment with baby pink shades and bow designs at most. So what is a bold girl to do in a world of too-subtle nail trends? The secret, it turns out, is simply to look outside the trends (and away from your phone screen), and find inspiration from real life instead.

Blue, peach, and orange nails are the bold manicure combo of your dreams, and they're truly just a reflection of all the color life has to offer. These multicolored nails are reminiscent of nothing less than breathtaking sunrises and stunning sunsets, and they're the perfect design to drop the nail minimalism. In its place, you'll be opting for the all-out, loud color palette of a maximalist manicure.

Floral designs

This three-way color combo is bold enough on its own. If you wanted to, you could get away with simply alternating different variations of blue, peach, and orange shades on each nail. But if you want something extra, a floral design is the way to go. Paint the base of your nails any color, as long it matches well with your bolder nail polish shades. If you chose pastels, keep to clear shades and other pastels. If they're vibrant, keep them bright. Then, choose one or two nails to paint your blue, peach, and orange floral designs.

Nail gems

For something a bit more daring, think of the allure of nail gems and shiny rhinestones. These popular nail accessories have a tendency to make the bold seem so much bolder, in all the right ways. Choose a base design for your three main shades (the brighter, the better), and let your gems be what they're meant to be — the cherries on top. If you're looking for ideas, you can never go wrong with a multicolored marble design or a clear base with colorful watercolor-like splotches. Once your base is set, sprinkle your rhinestones as you see fit.

Funky patterns

Bold multi-colored nails are made all the more fun when you combine them with multi-colored patterns — and when it comes to nail designs, you have a world of choices to pick from. To level up your blue, peach, and orange mani, you can rely on anything from marbled nails to polka dots and stripes, and even some '70s-inspired swirls in a pinch. This last design, in particular, is a great one to showcase your colors to the best of their funky flair. 

3D accents

Whatever your chosen multicolored design, make sure to keep it interesting. If nail gems and glitter are not your thing, you can get a similar effect with other 3D nail approaches. Clear gel accents, like swirls, flowers, and droplets are nail heaven. Try them if you haven't. Allow your 3D elements to pop even more by opting for an understated, minimal design. Keep the base of your nails plain with a neutral shade and paint splotches or gradients of your blue, orange, and peachy shades on different nails. Finally, your jutting accents should be shaped carefully on top.

Unconventional French nails

There's no nail design more reliable than the well-loved French manicure. Even when it stops being its classical, nude and white self, all of its colorful, creative variants end up looking just as chic and put-together as the original design. If you haven't already considered inventing some creative way to wear this three-shade design the French way, we strongly suggest it. You can achieve this multicolored French tip moment with a simple stacked look, or an abstract design that extends past the tips of the nails. Either way, this is bound to be your new favorite manicure.