The Office Siren Aesthetic Is Making Workwear Chic In 2024

While the fashion world has floated through some whimsical trends lately, including coquette fashion and the go-to girlcore aesthetic, the winds are shifting toward a more intellectual, refined, and sultry attitude. Enter the office siren. This persona doesn't tread near tired, bland workwear; rather, it takes a page from the Y2K era of office rom-com lore. Think Rachel Green getting ready for her job at Ralph Lauren on "Friends" or Gisele Bündchen's cameo in "The Devil Wears Prada." The office siren aesthetic is chic and minimalist, built on a foundation of tight turtlenecks, pencil skirts, pinstripe, and Bayonetta-style glasses. 

Essentially, this look brings fashion back into the workplace. It's a far leap from the leggings and sweatshirts of remote office work that we may have gotten a little too used to, but it can make you feel extra confident in your workday skin. Even better, the office siren trend can come out for a spin beyond the 9 to 5, bringing fresh energy to your errand runs and coffee dates. The tones of this moment are grays, taupes, whites, creams, and, of course, a whole lot of black. You'll also want to toss aside your chunky sneakers in favor of knee-high boots or Mary Janes with a heel to step into your office siren era.

Bayonetta glasses are a staple of the office siren look

Named after a popular video game character, Bayonetta glasses are central to the office siren vibe. The narrow, rectangular frames are likely nostalgic for anyone who came of age in the early 2000s, and their resurgence isn't too much of a surprise amid the return of Y2K fashion in 2024. Ultimately, these trendy frames instantly elevate any office siren look.

Fitted suits make for a sultry office siren 'fit

There's nothing quite like a snug, well-tailored suit to boost your confidence for the workday. And a fitted turtleneck underneath? There's no stopping an office siren in that get-up. While the trend's color palette is almost strictly neutral, a pale, muted green or blue would still keep you within the perimeters of the aesthetic, so be sure to search your closet for any unsuspecting pieces that could expand your daily options.

Step into Y2K fashion with kitten heels and tights

Your footwear is key to the office siren trend. More specifically, you'll want to revisit some trends from the late '90s and early 2000s. Read: kitten heels. These dainty, barely there heels and pointed toes make for a sleek, feminine style and help define your look as part of the office siren trend. You can also pair them with tights or cute socks. Finally, a simple, structured handbag is a must before stepping outside.

Blazers add intellect to your look

Blazers have long remained a given in workplace attire, and the office siren trend is no exception. A dark blazer paired with a miniskirt and a button-up is peak workplace fashion and fits very well in with the office siren trend. If you're dressing for colder climates, try merging the office siren aesthetic with the dark academia trend and wear a warm sweater underneath your blazer to get the best of both worlds.

Unique suits truly define the trend

The sleek sophistication of a full suit in a classic hue like charcoal gray or navy is the office siren trend personified. The chic, tailored lines and minimalist aesthetic bring the style to life rather effortlessly if you ask us. Simple silver or gold jewelry and understated, practical hairstyles will best suit this trend, but don't be afraid to go bold with a red lip or smokey eye when doing your makeup. Plus, you can customize the look with a skirt or other unique way to tie your suit together — have fun with it!