Red Flags For Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid's Relationship

There's always something captivating about a Hollywood romance, especially when it's unexpected and a little secretive. Case in point: Fans have been eagerly watching the unfolding courtship between "A Star Is Born" actor Bradley Cooper and supermodel Gigi Hadid, hungrily snapping up each new bit of information on the private couple. The pair was initially spotted eating a meal together in October 2023, and brief sightings have continued since, leaving onlookers to wonder: Is this a casual fling or a lasting partnership?

Most reports of Cooper and Hadid's blossoming relationship seem optimistic, noting that the couple is enjoying time together without putting pressure on themselves. Hadid has dropped by Cooper's New York City food truck, joined him for brunch, and even shared dinner with Cooper and his mother, Gloria Campano, after the 2024 Golden Globes in January. Meanwhile, Cooper has been seen wearing pieces from Hadid's clothing line, Guest in Residence.

These all seem like positive indicators that the relationship is going well. However, it's still early days for this romance. While the duo seems to be off to a good start, some red flags could become real obstacles if not acknowledged and handled with care.

Cooper and Hadid have yet to make things official

With so much attention given to celebrity relationships, it's understandable that A-listers would be hesitant to put labels on their romance. After all, not everyone is into the in-your-face dating style of power PDA. But the cat is thoroughly out of the bag on the flirtation between Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid, and still, no announcements or public posts have shed light on the relationship.

Rumors initially swirled that Cooper and Hadid may "hard-launch" their relationship at the 2024 Oscars, where Cooper was nominated for several awards, including best actor for his portrayal of Leonard Bernstein in "Maestro." Before the event, there was widespread speculation that Cooper and Hadid might attend the awards show together, solidifying their romance. However, Cooper instead appeared on the red carpet with his mother, who he has commonly brought as his date to high-profile events. Hadid also didn't join Cooper at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, which she's attended in years past.

While the couple hasn't directly addressed Hadid's absence, potential explanations have surfaced online, suggesting that Hadid spent the evening of the Oscars enjoying mother-daughter time. This seems reasonable, especially if the couple intends to take things slowly rather than putting their nascent relationship in the spotlight. But after a certain point, refusal to publicly acknowledge a relationship can begin veering into red flag territory and suggest some uncertainty in the union.

The Cooper-Hadid relationship is an age-gap romance

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid's romance has raised some eyebrows due to their age gap. Cooper is roughly 20 years older than Hadid, putting these lovers a full generation apart. While both are consenting adults free to follow their hearts, this age difference could create extra bumps on the road to becoming a lasting couple. Depending on the specific people involved, age-gap relationships can face unique difficulties. Key among these are differences in the partners' maturity levels, priorities, and life goals. When one partner is significantly senior to the other, they may naturally feel some friction stemming from their different experience levels and ideas about the world.

Age-gap relationships can also contribute to extra societal pressure and judgment, though it's unclear whether this affects celebrities less or more. On one hand, their every move is surely scrutinized more than the average Joe, upping the stakes. On the other hand, mega-stars like Cooper and Hadid may already be well-experienced in ignoring criticisms online or in the press.

There are also some myths about power imbalances in age-gap relationships, but it seems that many of these can be debunked. Ultimately, the relevance or irrelevance of their age difference will come down to how Cooper and Hadid gel as individuals. While age can be a stumbling block, it's not insurmountable, and the Cooper-Hadid romance could thrive if they share similar lifestyles and outlooks.

There may be tension from Hadid's ex

Before Gigi Hadid was linked to Bradley Cooper, she had a few other star-studded relationships, including nearly five years of on-again, off-again dating with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik. While Hadid and Malik officially called it quits in late 2021, well before Cooper came on the scene, they share a young daughter, Khai, and still have to co-parent. With this in mind, it wouldn't be shocking for Malik to take an interest in who Hadid dates. If rumors are to be believed, Malik definitely has opinions on Bradley Cooper — and they may not be particularly welcoming. As an unnamed source confided in Us Weekly, Malik is "not happy with their relationship and never will be." If this is true, it will undoubtedly become a source of strain in the Cooper-Hadid social sphere.

Unfortunately, there is a precedent for unrest between Malik and Hadid. When the couple split in 2021, it was amidst allegations that Malik had "struck" Gigi Hadid's mother, Yolanda (via TMZ). A few months later, Malik pled no contest to charges of harassment, which wasn't a direct recognition of guilt but did result in a sentence of 360 days of probation and mandatory courses on anger management and domestic violence.

On the upside, the same Us Weekly source also referred to Cooper as a "voice of reason" for Hadid as the model navigates co-parenting with her pop star ex — potentially a positive sign for the new couple.

Cooper's ex may also be unhappy about the pairing

Compounding the tension surrounding Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid's partnership, there may also be some lingering resentment from Cooper's ex, Russian model Irina Shayk. Similar to Hadid's situation with Zayn Malik, Cooper has a young child with his former flame and is navigating the turbulent waters of co-parenting.

While Cooper and Shayk officially parted ways in 2019 after four years of dating, they reportedly fell in and out of dating, making the exact end of their romantic entanglement difficult to pinpoint. Furthermore, the duo often travels together and shares holidays for their daughter's sake. It may be understandable, then, that sources have suggested that Shayk is conflicted about Cooper's new beau. "Irina is not happy with Bradley for dating another supermodel, but one who is younger," an anonymous source told Page Six. "It took her by surprise." The same source also speculates that Shayk has been making a statement by looking extra glizorous on recent outings: "She's saying, 'Look, baby, I'm still hot.'"

Before Cooper was linked with Hadid, it was also reported that Shayk, despite dating football star Tom Brady at the time, yearned to settle down with Cooper one day. This could just be hearsay, as other sources have come forward to say that the co-parents are happy and supportive of one another. Still, it's important for Cooper and Hadid to carefully navigate any hurt feelings and external resentment that could put a damper on their budding relationship.

Hadid and Cooper are still in the honeymoon phase

Sure, things between Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid may feel free and easy right now, but we can't assume that's a sign of anything lasting — at least, not yet. Relationships tend to progress in stages, and Cooper and Hadid's partnership is in the honeymoon phase, which can persist anywhere from the first six months to the first two years of a romance.

You probably know the honeymoon phase from experiences in your own life. It's the carefree, butterflies-in-your-stomach period at the beginning of a new relationship. During this time, difficulties and annoyances all seem like minor problems that can be overlooked, while the magic of spending time with your new significant other paints a rosy glow over the rest of the partnership. Even fundamental differences and bad habits can seem charming and cute during this phase.

However, the honeymoon phase eventually fizzles out for every couple, celebrity or otherwise. It's only in the aftermath that the true resilience of a relationship becomes clear. Will Cooper and Hadid prove to have a firm foundation even after their romance becomes less of a whirlwind and more of a gentle breeze? Possibly! But it's difficult to judge their long-term compatibility until some of the relationship's shine and novelty have worn off.