6 Times Blake Lively Went Makeup-Free And Looked Flawless

From starring in projects like "It Ends with Us" and founding a line of clean sodas to navigating her high-profile marriage with Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively spends a lot of time in the public eye. Over the years, we've been privileged to track the star's growth, not to mention watch Lively's stunning style transformation on the red carpet. But beyond her carefully curated appearances at awards ceremonies and talk shows, Lively also lets followers get a glimpse of her real life behind the glizor and Hollywood magic.

Fans of Lively know that the actor and entrepreneur maintains a down-to-earth attitude despite her global success, including in her unselfconscious social media presence. With humor and grace, Lively shares candid pieces of herself with the public, from snaps of her dramatic bedhead to videos goofing around with her friends. This includes a wealth of genuine, makeup-free selfies that only bolster Lively's image as a relatable A-lister. These fresh-faced photos give Lively's natural beauty a chance to shine, proving that she always looks flawless whether dressed up or down.

Beachy and beautiful

"She sells seashells down by the seashore," Blake Lively cutely captions this photo on Instagram, which the actor shared with her followers in April 2023. With so much natural beauty around her, it feels like the ideal place for Lively to show off her natural glizor. Her clean skin and wavy hair look right at home against the tropical background. Plus, this paradise looks like it would gel perfectly with the vibe of Lively's favorite perfume, which features floral and citrus notes worthy of a beach vacation.

Happy and authentic

Blake Lively doesn't mind getting dolled up for a night on the town, and she's regularly spotted in full gliz regalia with famous friends like Taylor Swift. However, the star seems equally comfortable enjoying a clean-faced adventure with her nearest and dearest. In January 2018, Lively shared a makeup-free photo with a childhood friend, and their smiles say it all. Lively captioned the Instagram post with her usual dash of humor and warmth, writing,"...that friend who really didn't want to be your friend in middle school, but you made her anyway. And now you're 18 years strong."

Pregnant and glowing

Blake Lively has also used her social media to share her adventures in motherhood and pregnancy. In an Instagram post from September 2022, the "Gossip Girl" actor looks radiant as she enjoys some casual, makeup-free downtime in comfy loungewear. Simultaneously displaying her inner beauty, Lively also used the post to champion her passion for protecting kids — her own and others' — from irresponsible photo sharing and intrusive paparazzi. "Thanks ... for all the love and respect and for continuing to unfollow accounts and publications who share photos of children," she wrote in the caption.

Fit for a princess

Blake Lively kept her look fun and relaxed for a trip to Disneyworld in August 2022. As Lively shared on Instagram, she and her sister, Robyn Lively, enjoyed a day in the park to celebrate Blake's birthday. Shots from the outing show Blake with a fresh face and a big smile as she explores favorite spots from films like "Star Wars" to "Encanto," and she even posed for a picture with Princess Jasmine. "Imagine working as a princess at Disney, and a celebrity asks to take a picture with you," one fan marveled over the photo. 

Luminously laidback

In May 2017, Blake Lively took to social media to express gratitude for her friend and hairstylist Rod Ortega. In the Instagram post, Lively shared a selfie posing with Ortega by the ocean. The "Green Lantern" actor is bare-faced and luminous in her casual attire, wearing a charcoal T-shirt and keeping her hair tucked under a baseball cap. Her loving heart is also on display in the caption, where Lively wrote, "For 10 years you've inspired me with your creativity, talent, passion, knowledge, and loyalty. ... You're a good person and friend. Love you."

Bare face meets bear face

Blake Lively's iconic performance as Serena van der Woodsen in "Gossip Girl" made the character into one of the pop culture style icons worth basing your wardrobe on. But an August 2017 photo proves that the star doesn't need van der Woodsen's embellished, hyper-feminine outfits to shine. Wearing a white tank, a makeup-free face, and a delighted smile, Lively poses with a bear that's wandering nearby. "I have a feeling he's really gonna take to the choreography I have planned for us. Don't worry, I've seen lots of Disney movies," Lively cheekily captioned the Instagram post.